Have i done the right thing?

Right … down the hatch… only 1,824 to go!! Thank you girls for geeing me along. I’m sure I’m going to wake up in the morning looking like Ten Tonne Tess, that’s if I can even get through the night what with the leg cramps, joint pain, hot flashes and my `lady bits’ splitting!! This is one good thing about being single - don’t have to bother about looking good first thing in the morning, lol
The brand I have is RelonChem…not read anything on the threads yet about this brand so maybe thats a good sign and its because the ladies on this one are not getting any SE’s (here’s hoping)!!

Mary Grace - on a separate thing, I’ve been reading the critical illness thread … who was your cover with?? I am stage 1, grade 2 and have a claim going through with the Halifax but they are waiting on the medical reports so don’t know if it’ll come through but crikey would it help!!
Thank you all once again, onwards and upwards!!
Kaz xxx

KazzyK i think you found the right thread, i have just experienced a strong reaction to Tamoxifen and im trying to find alternatives as i am pre-meopausal although at 49 i should be experiencing it soon. xx

Hi Vonz,

It’s only been the third day today of taking Tamoxifen so don’t think the se’s have kicked in yet - although I did wake up last night throwing the duvet off me and undoing the front of my nighty, but figured that was a fluke as surely no se’s can start happening that early!! lol
I’m pre-men too and when I saw my surgeon last week for path results I asked him if there was a different drug to take instead of Tamoxifen as I did not like the sound of the side effects and he said for pre-men Tamoxifen was the only one. Let me know how you get on xx

Hi everybody, i finally saw my oncologist who listened to my worries about tamoxifen and agreed i had done the right thing, i have now been started monthly injections called Zoladex which he prescribed for me so far so good no side effects but it has only been five days. Manythanks to everybody for your kind thoughts i stuck to my guns and i have got a change of prescription, hope everybody is ok? xx