have i got breast cancer?

Hi. I’ve just been to the doctor’s about an irregular lumpiness area on my right breast.I would not describe it as a lump- but more of a lumpy gritty area. I feel so stupid that I have not discovered this before.I have two small children- agen 18 months and 4 years so I guess it is because I’ve been busy. The doctor was concerned and immediately referred me to the clinic but I have to wait util next Weds for the appointment. This seems like ages. My Mum died of breast cancer at 48 but we never knew when she first had it as it was only diagnosed 2 months before she died.I asked the doctor if it was the soonest appointment and he said that a week away was good. He also made me feel awful as he then said that the wait won’t really make a difference as judging by the size of what he can feel it has probably been there at least 6 months- is this a long time and does this mean it could be advanced cancer ??? HELP???

Hi freddiecider

I am sure that when the other forum users read your post you will be recieving lots of support and information. In the meantime, if you have any questions or you would like to talk to a nurse, please do ring our helpline 0808 800 6000, open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 Saturday.

Best wishes

Welcome to the site where i know you will get lots of help and support from all the ladies here .
It is good that your GP has refered you to the breast clinic for assessment and although i know a week seems a long time , the guidelines are that anyone presenting with a suspicious lump should be seen within 2 weeks ,so its good that you are being seen quickly.
Do you know if your clinic is a one stop clinic? if it is you will proberly have a triple assessment and also get your results on the same day.
Please try not to worry to much yet (although i know its impossible not too) but try and remember that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign so there is a good chance that it may not be BC.
If it does turn out to be BC please remember there are many many treatments available and more advances are being made all the time.
Dont pay too much attension to your GPs comments,they have a habbit of saying the wrong thing sometimes which make us worry even more.Im not too sure if 6mths would be a particulary long time as my oncoligist says that it can take 10 years for breast cancer to show as a lump in the breast so i should imagine i must have been carrying mine around for a long time.
Some Bc is very slow growing and some grow more quickly but it doesnt mean that the cancer is nessessary more advanced it would depend on the grade and stage of the tumour and whether it has invaded the lymph nodes to be able to spread.
I know its a horrible time for you right now the waiting for tests is always the worst bit,so try if possible to keep busy and not to look to much on the internet because it can be a bit scarey and not always accurate. Try not to think too far ahead and just take things one step at a time.
Also try and take someone with you to the clinic so you are not on your own its always good to have someone with you for company and support.
Il be keeping everything crossed for you for wednesday ,and hopeing everything will turn out ok.
Please let us know how you get on. And come on here if you want to chat to someone, we have all been there so understand how you are feeling.
All the Best
Lindiloo xx

Hi, I can sort of understand how you are feeling, i was referred to the breast clinic on monday after finding a lump in nov, i’m now waiting for an appointment. been told i’m classed as non urgent so hate to think how long i might have to wait.

I have a friend who has BC & starts treatment tomorrow after waiting months due to problems after havign the lump removed. she still says the waiting for news is the worse bit.

lets hope in a week or so this is all over for you xx


Thanks so much for all your words of support and advice.It really does mean alot.I will ring the clinic tomorrow to find out if it is a one stop one. I’m trying my best to keep busy but keep fearing the worst and thinking about not seeing my children grow up. I know it is silly thinking like this but I just can’t help it.

I guess there is nothing much that will change things before Weds.

I will let you know how I get on.


Sorry to hear that you are going through this…

I hope the clinic you are going to is the one step one as then you might well have an answer by the end of the day rather than having to go back and forewards…

I was diagnosed last May and first presented as what i would have called “crinkly skin” rather than a lump… Do you have any other symptoms at all…? Any other changes to your breast like an inverted nipple or does your breast feel warm at all…?

When you go you are likely to be seen first by either a nurse or doctor… they are then likely to send you for mammogram - or might send you straight for an ultrasound (that is what happened to me…) they were able to tell there was something there and used the ultrasound to be able to do biopsys straight away using the ultrasound machine to guide them… As you know in my case it was cancer - but they did say at the time it could also be a cyst causing the problem - so please don’t give up hope until they have has a look / analysed the results if needed…

{{{HUGS}}} Theresa x

I just wanted to wish you luck really, I’m still awaiting my appointment to come through and it’s been 8 days now so I know how the waiting feels. At least you’re being seen quickly. Good luck xxx


Thanks to all of you for your support and kindness. It sounds like many of you are going through the waiting game too.

I don’t think I have any other symptoms other that the lumpiness.The veins in the area seem slightly more pronounced than on the other breast but apart from that there is no rippling to the skin or nipple changes at all.

I think I will feel so much better once I know one way or the other. As long as it is treatable and not too late I think I can deal with it. Just don’t want the same to happen to me as it did to my Mum. But I guess we are all luckier these days (Mum died of Breast cancer in 1995 - two months after diagnosis).

Good luck to all of you too


Welcome to site and sorry that you are here,but it really is a great place to get lots of help support and information. At least you have taken the first step and your problem is being looked into. You are totally correct in that it’s the waiting that is the absolute nightmare.
I had a lump in my general lumpy boobs that just felt a bit different,got refered to clinic ,had mammogram,ultra sound,2 needle biopsies and core biopsy,which really wasn’t all that bad,and I’m the biggest wuss out ! What helped me was they told me that lump looked very suspicious,got results in an hour but needle biopsies were inconclusive ,had a day to get my head round it so was prepared the following day that core result said I had cancer. The speed of it all knocks you for six and it’s an emotional rollercoaster,it’s just a huge thing to get your head round especially when you don’t know one way or the other, but you are on your way to finding out and fingers crossed that you will be fine.
I have found coming on here a huge help and support as all the women here are in the same boat in varying degrees,we are all here to help each other,good days and bad, just remember you are not alone,keep us posted and good luck !

Sandra x


Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom.

I’ve decided to be very positive and try to keep busy over the next few days. Going to have some nice days out with the children and live for the moment a bit more!

Hpefully it will help next Weds come along quicker and take my mind off things.

All your thoughts are truly helping me.