Have I got Breast Cancer

Hi all, firstly thanks for listening…

About 2 weeks ago in the shower I noticed a large spot under my armpit. It has a lump under it… it is painful and does move, It has not grown in the last 2 weeks

I was at the doctors today (unrelated) and mentioned it. She felt it and my breasts and although she feels that there is nothing too worry about she is refuring me too have a mamogramme.

I am so worried. I know the doctor is just doing her job, but what if I have cancer…

Hi Lisa and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and shared experiences, in addition, I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Your breast clinic appointment’ publication which you may find helpful to read;


Our helpliners are here to offer you further support by telephone on 0808 800 6000 open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 9-2, it may help to call to talk your fears over with someone in confidence

Take care

Hi all

i wanted too give u an update and ask for some advice really.

the lump in my underarm has shrunk down = phew but the last couple of days my breasts are tender and sore.

i am trying too tell myself its from constant poking and prodding but i am still worried

Do you have your app through for your mamo?
Sometimes when shaving you can get spots and if there is an infection from this the glands can swell.
Try and be positive.
huggs x

yes, but it is not untill a week on Monday - ages away :frowning:

I am gonna too worry myself silly until then… I keep telling myself… the swelling has gone down so it cant be cancer… but then why do my breasts hurt

Hi Lisa

I hope things have improved for you and the lump has settled down further. As Faye says, these can be from an infected pore. I had a very similar thing some years ago and it was full of gunk when the GP examined it (Phew)
Although I did subsequently go on to have BC, there was no link to this lump.

Hope you get good results and come back and let us know-its a great place to ask/chat/get great support as Ive found.
Take care

I called the help line on here and spoke too someone who thinks that the pain I am experiencing is hormonal and too do with my menstral cycle. It wouldnt surprise me as my PMT has been awful the last yr since I had my daughter

The lump has shrunk right down and I can harly feel it now

Hiya-you will be more than surprised how quick your app will come around:-)

If both breasts are hurting it may well be hormonal.
I have had two children-my daughter is 15 and my son is 10 and it took my body a good year to get over the shock of both pregnancy’s and both births-this may be the case for you too, its a huge thing for your body to get over giving birth and lots of changes will take place, some you may notice and others you wont.
You mentioned the lump has gone down, I think you should still go for your appointment to get checked out to put your mind at rest.
You defo did the right thing calling the help line, its good to know they are there to listen and lend a helping hand which is really nice:-)

When I had my daughter I had PMT too for quite sometime-again down to the huge body changes taking place, but things did settle down.

Have fun with your daughter and allow her to keep you busy (I’m sure she will!) until your app is here.
Take care x

Another update.

A similar swelling has occurred on the left armpit now… I am not too concerned as I have got puss out of it this morning and it is very sore so think it is an infected spot or something.

I just want next Monday too get here as I now have worries going around my head that it is Lymphoma and not BC after all!