Have I got lymphodoema?

I’m probably worrying about nothing. I have a swollen patch on the back of my hand, just at the fleshy bit by the base of my thumb. I don’t remember injuring it and it doesn’t look bruised, though it is a bit tender. Could it be lymphoedema, or is it just a soft tissue injury?

I would be grateful for any comments from anyone who knows about lymphoedema.


Hi Roadrunner

It might be an idea to have a word with your breast care nurse and if she thinks it may be the start of lymphoedema she’ll refer you to the lymphoedema nurse. It’s always better to check and also put your mind at rest.

Mine started last year (was initially diagnosed 12 years ago!) but it started in my upper arm but don’t feel any discomfort from it but wear a sleeve so if it is the early signs of it, it’s better to try and control it now.

Hope this helps!


Hi Roadrunner

Here is a link to a Breast Cancer Care booklet called ‘Living with lymphoedema after breast cancer’ which may help to answer some of your queries, you can read it via the following link:


Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

hello roadrunner, ive been diognosed with lymphodemia, i have to wear a sleeve most of the time, i had a very painful; arm that was swollen and my hand swelled up especially between the knuckles , you most probably need to see the gp to be refered or mention it to the doc at the hospital next time you go for a check up but dont delay for too long as early treatment is advised. hope you get on ok take care love lynn xx