Have just had biopsy & have told me it is cancer aged 40

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Hi, I am really scared. I have been told in advance of results of the biopsy that I have a Cancerous growth of about 2cm, they also suggest it may have spread to my lymph nodes. Not sure until the results come back. I have two young children aged 1 and 4. They suggested the lump was removed in advance of getting the results back. I am worried that as I ahve had Graves’ disease, which lowers your immune system anyway, I may be in big trouble. What is the success rate of lump removal and when/how quickly do you recover from surgery? I am worried about - dying slowly, not being here for the children, the effect on my parents and the children seeing me sick. I am planning to tell my boss tomorrow as I work part time, but any other advice? I live near Cambridge.

The recovery from the actual op is usually very quick[days].Many people have a lumpectomy as a day patient.There is a lady called kittenkat on here who had this recently.The rest of your treatment will depend on the type of bc you have and whether it is found in your lymph nodes.If it is you will be offered chemo to 'mop up’any stray cells and hopefully prevent them from resurfscing at a later date.2cm isnt a huge tumour[mine was 2cm]so hopefully you have caught it reasonably early.These early dats are among the worst once you get started on treatment you will feel better and will be able to enjoy your lovely children for years to come.You will always find lots of support here.I am not 'younger’at all,I am 64 but just wanted to reply to your post.I am sure someone else will be along soon.
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hi ellie & val! Yes I had mine removed as a day patient and node clearance and had one node involved, about 4 wks ago. Its surprising how quick you recover really. All your worries are completely normal as its all such a shock - fine one day then knocked into a different world…My friend was diagnosed about 6 yrs ago when her kids were younger like yours and she says its easier on them when they’re smaller as they adapt to whatever happens whereas it will be hard on you as you put them to bed and worry and they don’t see that…mine are a bit bigger at 10 and nearly 16 and my daughter has really taken the news etc badly - well in the earlier days but seems more settled now, I’m 43 and don’t feel particularly young these days surprisingly enough!! take care and post away on all sorts of threads/messages, mary x