Have seroma but seeing dr re radiotherapy

Hi. Need some help as have seroma which has been aspirated twice, once by my bc nurse and then yesterday by my surgeon. I have another appt to see him on Friday as he thinks he will have to aspirate it again. I have loads of padding on as he thought it would leak and to prevent infection as he reopened my incission for better access as clots were causing the needle to block up. Today I got an appointment through to see the consultant next Wednesday about having radiotherapy and I am worried because I’m still seeing my surgeon for treatment. Should I rearrange the appointment for a later date?


I had fluid which caused small swelling - apparently not enough to drain. Saw the radiotherapist who was unconcerned and booked my mapping scan.

But on day of scan I had some redness around incision and they rebooked for 10 days later asking me to see consultant. Then I sprung a leak! Quite dramatic! It has now healed and I had the scan last Friday.

I would go to see the radiotherapist. They won’t do anything unless they are happy. The incision needs to be closed and dry without signs of inflammation or heat. I would see them and let them decide.

Good luck!