Have they looked at the men?

Having too much time on my weary hands, I started to wonder about the research into causes and risk factors re BC. I’ve often been made to feel guilty for not breast feeding, but apart from that I didn’t tick any of the other boxes: early period start; menopause age; having children etc etc.
Then I thought about men who are diagnosed with this cancer. Obviously so many of the variables just don’t apply! What questions do they ask and what risk factors do they quote to the men? Is there any research into why men get it or any answers?
I am a self-confessed science numpty, but I wondered if it wouldn’t be easier to target the men, without so many variables, to try and find the answer to the eternal “why?”.
Perhaps some of you clever sciency people could answer my musings?

Hi Alloway

I’m a man with BC and for the life of me I don’t know ehy ther disease visited me. I have four sisters and my mother who have never had a problem with their breasts at all. I am not old, I am not obese and have never been exposed to large doses of radiation (to my knowledge). I put it down to wearing Clarks shoes! That’s about as reasonable a suggestions as any I have come across.

Nevertheless, you are right men’s breasts are rudimentary affairs - but they are still breasts and can succomb to this disease, albeit in tiny numbers. I have heard that obesity may be a cause, that hormones in food and escaping into nature might cause this. There is also a sydrome that a few men get that causes it.

It is unfortunate, or fortunate, that so few men get breast cancer. It means that the bulk of the effort is directed to solve the problem of the many more women who get it. I’m hopeful that can be solved and then, perhaps, some effort can be made to look at the causes of men getting it. Resouces should be directed to have a positive outcome for as many people as possible.

I know, for instance, that men in Africa and the Middle East and those of African origin are more likely to get BC than men of white European or Asian origin. Why this is may be related to diet and environment.

I have no idea why it visited me. I live as many women do and a few men, with the effects of the treatment and thank goodness for the clever people who looked after me and developed the surgical and medicinal interventions that mean I am still walking about able to cause some mischief now and again!!

Best wishes


I have often wondered about this too, as my brother has a work colleague in his early 30s who had BC 3 years ago.

Bill, I am laughing at you comment about Clarks shoes - on the couple of occasions my OH has bought them he said they were really uncomfortable after a couple of wearings. I once told him to put them in the shoe bank for Africa and he said he would not wish them on someone from a third world country!