Have you got pets? what are their names?

A cat called Tom and a fish called Micheal

yes loads!

Cat- Ruby
Goldfish-Anabel and Gabrielle
Guinea Pigs- Coco, Pepsi and Minnie
Horses-Pandoe, Bonjella, Magdaline, Sooty and Sweep

I have a dog called ZARA and a cat called PEPPER.

Lisa, my daughter who has breast cancer has 5 cats and one dog whose names are:

Quite a handful but keep her busy!

Three cats till recently - TR2, Trevor and Sophie. Sophie is still with us - the older boys have died.

Becks - I am so lealous of five horses!

Cat called Kenny

Linbob A little ajack russell called Ben

a chocolate lab girl called Gemma and an old retired greyhound called Frankie

And my brother had a friend with a golden lab called Henry Good Dog

Sadly died and greatly missed little spotted tabby ladycat called MIAOW

A cavalier king charles spaniel puppy called Daisy x

2 cats - Missy and Macy x

A big dogue de bordeaux called Chardonnay x

Guienea Pig called Glen

2 Lurchers, Boyd and Lemy

Horse, Pagan.

A blenheim cavalier ,12 mths old called Bailey x

2 cats - grey and white called Mollie who is 12 and Jess a ginger female aged 4 and they are wonderful !! x x

Dog called 8ball.
Cat called Smudge
2 Fish - Mosie and Grub


a silver tabby maine coon cat , dusty, she is just gorgeous & has kept me such good company during the treatment, wasn’t too pleased when i had good days on chemo as she loved the bad days as it meant snuggling up on the bed all day!!

A very feisty 17 year old black and white cat called Katie!

hi got 2 cats a tom called lucky and a she cat called purdy who has kept me nice and warm during treatment and who is also driving me a little mad at the moment as she is about to have kittens and she keeps hiding in the wardrobe lol
breda xx