Have you got pets? what are their names?

Aren’t they all great?? Love this thread.

We had two white fancy rats called Timmi and Friski. Timmi was very placid and Friski was bossy. They were so beautiful. I used to call them my “sugarbabes”. Their photos and profiles were featured in a Rat of the Month section of an American website. We were so proud of them.

2 newfies
louie and belle

5 goldfish
graeme, racquel, tallula, kevin and nemo.

i have a black lab called mollie, a cat (16) called bubbles, another cat called Boots, tropical fish, and a turtoise called frank!
I used to have a lizard called vera, but she passed away and i still miss her

Oh yes loads
Cats, Agnes (21), Jose (11) Zola (6) Phoebe (5)
Goats, Frankee, Lampard and Chelsea
Kids, Jess and Charlotte (small goats that is, not human kids!! they are way too expensive…)
Llamas, Vienne, Vanille and Carla the baby and the daddy Campo
Dogs - new ones on us…Cachou (11 months) and Coco (5 months) she’s soo sweet and is a Cockerpoo.;…!!

Madness rules here

I have 2 dogs, a boxer named dillon who we got from the dogs home and a mixed breed named wishbone who we brought having been told that he was a collie ha ha ha.

Cats Sydney, Ollie, Twiglet and fluffy Kismet

Dog Dylan, a black and tan broken coated Jack x Lakeland terrier, lost Poppy in an accident the day I was dx

A very tame royal python called Monty

Horses/ponies Millie, Mattie, Oli and Bodie

At one point when the kids were young we had goldfish, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ducks and chickens, in addition to most of the above, a total of 40-odd all with names… guess who did all the cleaning out…? Lyn xx

2 westies Oscar and Emmy they had pups Bafty boy Blue and Macy Snowstorm. Youngest daughter is an actress so we called them after the awrds.

2 Boxer dogs Macy and Ava
2 horses, Joe & Harry.


Two westies, Katie and Alfie, alfie is a puppy and hard work!!!


hmmm… currently i share my bed with a pretty faced tabby cat from the rspca who was three then and 8 now… they said she knew her name so we are lumbered with yelling that or tids… hey her sister was called bubbles and her mum cloud - they were re-homed tog but tids was allegedly an unfriendly cat - so not true!

previously cats… inherited sally, died in a car thing - and we lived in the middle of nowhere so i think it was the farmer… then marmalade, jelly and pickles and then black thorn and black berry… they were black - no surprise there!! ex husband re-homed them when new wife said she didn’t like them - and he didn’t ask if i would take them - gah - men

before that dogs. when i was 3 i used to sleep with jane the cocker spaniel in her bed… then barney the cairn terrier - he was mad!

Have a beautifull sheltie (to big to show) blue merle boy, called Moss, as we live at Mosborough, he kept me company all through chemo, even though he was only one at the time he just layed with me, till I felt well enough to walk him, somehow he always knew and pestered me till I took him. When I went back to work I felt sorry for him so we got a Tri colour rough collie, who was 18months old and needed a new home he is called Barnie, not quite (by a long way) as clever as lassie, both are great.

I have a beautiful white cat with blue eyes called Ivor.

Just an update in the fish department at The Brazier household, as of 6pm tonight we are down to Gabrielle :frowning:

hmm i went out with a chap called Ivor


to jen

He wasn’t called Ivor Biggun was he, cos I went out with him too!!

Ahhh…cats although had a dog when my kids were young;

Dog - Sydney Hanging Paw – Australian terrier, died in his sleep which was a good way to go!

Cats -
very first of my own (dog was my son’s), Chester, grey black tabby.

second pet to replace??? Chester, soft grey tabby, Stormy. Had a fiery temperment, stood for her own rights and loved to be petted on my lap. Stormy is gone, I am sorry to say, loved her so.

other pets, not mine but in the household – Annie, a very regal calico, orange and black spots, that we bought from shelter with Stormy. They were brought up together so we couldn’t separate them.

No one else will replace Stormy, so the cats we have now are just cats to me. Husband takes care of them, Keeps em to catch mice (we are out in the country).