Have you got snow?

Snow in Wanstead East London - cat not impressed!

Hi Magsi

I am near you in Stratford - isn’t it lovely? My cat went out in it and came back lke a rocket!

snow here in Northamptonshire, but the sun is shining so starting to melt. My silly old chocolate lab is like a pup again although she is 9. My old greyhound not happy though as he his legs are so long, he loses balance quickly!

all in all it is very pretty with the sun glinting off the white. much nicer than usual grey!

Woke up to several inches and falling heavily in Surrey. Today my daughter is getting married in Richmond Park. Truly a White Wedding LOL.


good luck with the wedding Anna

Hi Dilys

Great to know you live in Stratford.
Moving to London in '77 I taught in a Nursery School in East Ham for 13 years, lived in Plaistow for a couple of years, then near West Ham tube before moving to Wanstead in '81.
Which hospital are you / were you under - I am Whipps X and had radiotherapy at Barts.

snow in shropshire started to clear but coming down again nowx

Even snowed in Bournemouth! Not very often that happens. Got Aussie relatives in UK at the moment and they are currently in Oxfordshire and loved it when they woke up! I told them that I had ordered it especially for them!
My dog … a collie … could hardly contain her excitement when out for her walk early.
Sue x

Hi Sue,
I seem to have two sons like your dog!
20 year old son woke younger by throwing snowballs at his bedroom window.
18 year old uni son could hardly contain his excitement (despite early start to the day) and has gone down the park to ‘play’ with his friends.

Magsi x

Just starting up here in Cumbria.

Hubby and Collie dog jumped in car and legged it to nearest mountainous valley (with arctic coat and sarnies in backpack).

I am planting seeds in a propogator and an wandering if I’m attempting this too soon. Is this spring or still winter?


Snow first thing in south wales nearly all gone now off the garden, clouds looking grey and ominous though


Snow in Kent but just drove 4 miles and its bone dry. Other half came off motorbike on way to work. Bike OK…Oh and so is he!

Snow here in Stevenage when I woke up at 8 this morning ! Seems to be melting very quickly though…

We had at least six inches of snow here in Reading first thing, much fun with youngest son and dog. Went over to university to build snowmen, was impressed with how many students were up and out playing in the snow at 9am on a Sunday morning!

Almost all gone as I write this tho’ but is lovely sunny afternoon. Beginning our two week school holidays tomorrow so hope the weather continues to be nice (anything but rain!!).

Louisa xxx

We have just about 2 inches, up here in the hills near Edinburgh, but the wind is really catching it and causing drifts…which could pose a problem on our track…we have been snowed in for 3 days before, because of the drifts, not the fall. However, am well organised and have a “snowed in” shop to hand, and petrol for the generator!

Son (16) just playing on computer, doesn’t want to go sledging because of the snow laden wind! I’ve single handedly cleared a path to the cars from the house, which I’m proud of (first real proper exercise rather than stupid physio exercises since having lymph node clearance). Daughter at work, hope the track is clear to collect her, or she’ll have to stay at our local hotel until we can get her out!! Which would be just tragic!

Go throw some snowballs while you can! Sue xxx

Hi Magsi

I am under Newham General but also did radiotherapy at Barts and had the original tests there as well. They were great, as indeed has Newham been. Always fancied Wanstead - nice part of the world!



Wanstead is nice - bought a flat in 1981 bit cheaper then!
Initially lived in a hostel on the Barking Road - a far cry from Lancashire where I had come from.
When I was on jury service at Snaresbrook I ‘discovered’ Wanstead - more trees and grass than Plaistow.
Spent 6 weeks in Newham General September 1984 broke my leg after being knocked on my scooter in East Ham.

Magsi x

Hello Everyone

We got a good few inches of snow here in Northern Ireland this morning. It looked beautiful and made me have one of those good to be alive days hehe. I live very much in the countryside and I am not sure the cows and horses etc in the surrounding fields were feeling the same way, but everywhere looked fab especially as the sun came out too.

Dear Magsi

Weird! I too discovered Wanstead when I was on jury service at Snaresbrook. I think Newham General may have changed a bit for the better these days though. It was pretty vile when I had my appendix out in 2001, but the new surgical centre is just fantastic. I bought my house here in Stratford in 1981 as well - moved in on Valentine’s Day that year. Only came from north London though, via west London!