Have you seen the error of your ways!?!

I have just read an article in my local evening paper about women in the area who , after having successfully campaigned for Herceptin, are now “well on the road to recovery”. Good news indeed but then the report writes that two of these women, about whom the article is focused upon, have “now seen the error of their ways in those past lives - the one where breast cancer had not had the chance to focus their priorities and banish those every day worries that now seem trivial”. So, that’s O.K. then. You get bc so that you can re-focus and change your erroneous ways. Give me strength!

Hi Janeyb

Thanks for that - it all makes sense now then, we got breast cancer to make us understand that there were more important things in life to worry about than day to day trivialities.

I always wondered !


Julie x

Always knew there had to be some logic behind it!!!

karen x

Now I am worried because I have wasted my time worrying about trivialities! !!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Not sure now what I should be worrying about???




Thank you so much for your comments - I initially thought it was just “moi”!


Off to bed now - with a book - instead of husband ,the latter has had a better offer in the shape of a programme about Syke- deep joy - where did the romance go?

Erratum ! Programme about Isle of Skye - not Syke.

oh my goodness, does this mean that i have to start embracing my side effects from arimidex like i would a lover???

Definitely!!! And as I look at the fat, bald woman in the mirror, I give thanks that I have escaped from life’s trivialities!!!

Louise x

and how fantastic that my cancer was hormone receptive, otherwise i might have been able to have some oestrogen based medication to help with my non existent sex life!!!

Oh yes, you shouldn’t worry about “trivialities” like that, Alison!! Now you have BC you are a positive saint, (at least thats what everyone else keeps telling me I am, so I must be, hahaha)

my outlaws are in awe of me now, they can’t keep away!!!

also, when i meet someone who i haven’t seen for ages in the supermarket, well, i just have to show them the new boob, they all think it is fantastic, that makes me feel truly blessed!!!

Yeah and now great that a lot of us might not have to suffer a “bad hair day” for a while eh

I have to admit when I was first diagnosed and waiting to go in for my op, I let a lot of things slide that I would normally have been up in arms about but

Have you read the book “Eats Shoots and Leaves”?

There is a café near where I live and WITHOUT FAIL they make some kind of gramatical error on the board in the window that says “Daily Special’s” (there’s the first one) The other day they had missed out a decimal point and it meant that the RoAst Lamb, Pot’s ‘n’ VEg was £470!!! I said to my boyfriend, it must be bloody good roast lamb at that price, was it too much to ask that people learn to speak and spell the English language to GCSE standard if they are living and working in the UK and surely if you’re doing a sign or display you would make even more effort to ensure it was accurate. He said it was good to tell I was feeling a bit better since my diagnosis if I was stressing about that sort of thing again :slight_smile:

well i have to say, i am seeing a lot of imperfections in other people these days!!!
who is the author of that book?

Oh I see penty of imperfections in me too! But since I had BC I have been constantly told how wonderful I am.

Clarabel: Does the cafe do “Tomatos and Potato’s” ?

Clarabel, I am so laughing at you! When I was really ill my husband used to say he would know I was feeling better when I started to moan about my bunion again - I’ve been moaning about it since about October. The night before I had my node clearance I joked with my surgeon that all this do with BC had made my bunion problems pale into insignificance and he admitted he was finding it hard not to laugh at me. I have always been a healthy person, managed to get through 45 years with only a tonsillectomy and I always said I figured the only other surgery I would ever have done would be to correct my bunion. How wrong can you be eh?

Was it Lynda Plant?

Your all such a breath of fresh air, i love the lamb for £470 wow!!!

It has to be said the people who write such articles have not had breast cancer obviously.

Hows ya bunion cherub???

Dont you all think its to our credit that despite this 'cra? disease we have such a good sense of fun and humour.


I think we should definetly give ourselves credit where its due Liverbird…we might not have perfect bodies…well i didn’t anyway!!..we might be in mental and emotional turmoil some of the time…we might of lost our libido…keep looking for mine but still haven’t found it!!..BUT we still have our sense of humour.

karen x