Have you seen the error of your ways!?!

you’ve got to have a laugh, i have found myself chuckling at this thread, see, i have found some focus!!!

and talking about the hubby having a better offer, well, mine has Dolly the sheep tethered to a tree in the garden, says it cuts the grass!!! yeah!!!

Well I wasn’t in a laughing mood tonight… until I came on here!!!

Thanks for the laughs chums!
Since chemo, my dandruff has gone off with my hair and my rosacea has run away with my eyebrows. So thats 2 less things to worry about or is it 4?

Eats, Shoots and Leaves is by the wonderful Lynn Truss. Pedantic noticers of grammatical errors will LOVE it! We can all focus on being angry with sign-writers and it will take our minds off the triviality we’d otherwise worry our little heads with.



More info re sheep - I am the woman whose husband prefers the Isle of Skye. He has actually mentioned sheep, on an informal basis, in the past. We holiday a lot in Wales, so that might be a perfectly innocent explanation…

What do you do when he is tending his sheep?!! I am going to explode with laughter soon … forgive moi!


oh he fixes gas leaks!!! we too used to holiday in Scotland, think that and the fact that he is Derbyshire born and bred has something to do with these sheepish idea’s of his!!! and of course we live in an area where sheep are in abundance! its a hard choice for the local males!!! it was my sheep skin coat that first attracted my husband to me!!! oh my, what is Arimidex doing to me??? he hasn’t quite become a shepherd yet, but i think the time will come, as for me, well, will just have to get the sheep skin coat out of storage!!!
Alison xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Janey, have you ever heard of a group called the “Macc Lads”? they did a song called “no sheep till Buxton” its on youtube, its actually filmed between here and Macclesfield, bit rude but very funny.


You crease me up!!! I am not yet on Arimidex as am defined as being pre- menopausal - deep joy.I am on Nolvdex D-which has, as far as I’m aware, no hallucigenic properties, apertainig to “sheep”, or their derivaties. On a far more sensible note, and I might add after 4 glasses of a particularly,“spelling”, glasses of Shiraz Merlot. I need to ask the question, where did the camera part of your name originate from? I will have a look at the Macclads film. My dear husband is an icon of the entertaimen’ts industry - coul have gone to the Brit Awards - but apparently we couldn’t be arsed!!

the camera bit comes from teaching photography up to “A” level standard up until a few years ago, i still do a bit now and then, but mostly for my own amusement, see, i really am a very FOCUSED person lol

Pleased to see there is another insomniac out there Alison, still posting at past 1am.

I think the continued mention of sheep be it in the real live version or coat covering is because of Clarabels mention of lamb being sold for £470 quid.

Janey are you going to share that shiraz merlot?

Gosh i have to get to bed, ta for the great postings

just off to bed myself, no sleeping pills tonight, i now find them a waste of time, and lets face it, its cheaper to keep a sheep than a woman!!! lol