Havent got a clue??

Hi all,

1st time post on here.

Last week out of the blue I felt a Huge lump in my breast - well you can imagine the horror im sure. Straight away i googled it and was slightly relieved when I realised this could be quite normal as I had just started my monthly period. My period is just coming to an end (it takes forever these days - Im 47 so I think i am approaching menopause) now the lump has reduced in size but is still there.
has anyone else had anything like this - and should i be concerned??

Many Thanks


Hi Paula,
sorry you are facing this anxiety.

Your experience is very different from mine, but it sounds to me as if the only way you will find peace of mind is to get this lump checked out professioanlly. I would suggest you phone your GP first thing tomorrow and make sure you tell them you have found breast lump - they should give you an appointment PDQ. Your GP may well be able to reassure you, or she/he may refer you to a breast clinic to be seen urgently - within 2 weeks. This doesn’t mean you have cancer, it means that a GP is not able to make a defintive diagnosis.

If you are referred to a breast clinic they will examine you, do a mammogram and any other tests they need to help them reach a diagnosis.

Something like 90% of breast lumps are benign, in which case, you will know it’s been checked out, breath a big sigh of relief and move on. If you are unfortunate enough to have to join this odd ‘club’ then there are brilliant treatments available.

Hopefully you’ll get that GP appointment and soon have your mind at rest once more.

In the menatime, be careful what you look at online as there’s some dodgy stuff out there. The main BCC website is excellent and the helpline people will be able to advise you.

Take care

Hello Paula,

You’ve been sensible and waited and done a good job so far so keep it up now and get it checked! I waited 5 months with mine (silly cow!)then asked for normal referral (9 weeks here).

Ask for an Urgent referral, doesn’t mean it’s a nasty but you don’t want to be in a position where you wait 8 weeks for an appt and worry and prod and poke so much that it ends up sore all the time. Hmmm maybe that was just me then!

You’ll just be through the worry for much longer than necessary if you hold off.

Good luck with it.

Carolyn x

Eventually plucked up courage to go to GP on Friday.
She felt the lump but also a mass - which I hadnt felt.
Her concern was the mass felt quite smooth, she said normal fatty tissue feels quite ropey. I am just awaiting my appointment now - she has put it through as urgent so it should be with 2 weeks.

Got my appointment at the Breast Clinic tomorrow 25th October - my only thoughts at the moment are fear. At least I will know by tomorrow afternoon what my results are tho.

Good luck Paula.
Let us know what the outcome is.
Sending hugs

Very best of luck to you for tomorrow, take care xx

Good luck tomorrow Paula - we’ll all be thinking about you! xx

Well - been to clinic and had a large cyst drained!
So fortunately I won’t be visiting this site on a regular basis.
Many thanks for your good wishes, and anyone who has found a lump and reads this then please please go and get it checked - its not worth the worry of not knowing.
God Bless you all on this site - and best wishes to you all xxx

Brilliant, fandabbydosey, congratulations!

That’s just the sort of news we all like to read Paula - so glad you can leave our midst. A big celebratory cyber-hug coming your way!

Take care, n much love!

Shelley xxx