Having a 'baby break' from tamoxifen

Hi I’m new to this forum.
I’ve just reached 2 years of taking tamoxifen and planning to have a baby break in march. I was just wondering if any ladies have had a break or thinking about it? I visit another forum but it’s mainly American ladies and their medical treatment and care is very different to ours. It would be really nice to talk to people in the same situation as me.
Thanks C

Hi Claire
Welcome to the BCC forums, I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and in addition please feel free to call our helpliners as they may be able to put you in touch with someone who has had a similar experience via our ‘One to one’ support service. Lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000.

Here’s a link to more information and support ideas:


Take care
Lucy BCC

My sister took Tamoxifen for 2 years after her breast cancer. She had an aggresive tumour which had invaded her lymph nodes. She had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and was on zoladex and Tamoxifen (She was in her early 30s when diagnosed). She fell pregnant after about a year. She is still with us 11 years later (15 years after diagnosis). She has had widespread dcis for which she had a mastectomy and she had a hysterectomy due to prolapse which may have been caused by some of her treatment-so life hasn’t been plain sailing however the good news is she went on to have another child and has had no spread of her cancer despite it being highly oestregen dependent.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread as I’m 37 & have been on tamoxifen 7 months now. So desperate to start trying! How are you Claire?

I meant how old are you?

Hi Lucy I’m 33. Today was the first day I haven’t taken my tablets :confused: feels very scary knowing that security blanket isn’t there now but I’m so excited too knowing we can start trying very soon.

Hi Claire, I’m looking to do the same thing but taking for 3 years as mine was nearly 3cm and in 4 nodes.

Did you speak to your onc about taking the break, I’m just waiting for my periods to return, stopped zoladex in jan, then going to speak to onc. Be interested to know what someone else’s says as well.

I really wish you all the best and hope you fall soon


Hi J I’ve been off tamoxifen for 3 weeks now. I only had zoladex while having chemo, so I finished that December 2011. I’ve been taking tamoxifen since January 2012. I’ve not had a period since chemo. My onc has told me I have to be off tamoxifen for 1 month before we start trying (so next week we can start) I’m hoping my period will return soon although I do know my ovaries are ‘waking up’ as I had an internal scan a few weeks ago and my follicles sacks were quite big.

Hope you don’t mind me asking but did you have any nodes involved?

No I was lucky to catch mine early. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal. My cancer grade was 3 but sentinel node was clear.

Hi girls,I’m glad I found these posts. I’m a little way off this stage - currently on chemo & on zoladex also to protect fertility,but have also discussed ‘baby break’ whilst on tamoxifen but may have to wait 3-5 years so will see how everything goes & not jump the gun too much! Will follow & hope to hear some lovely news soon,take care xxx

Hello mothers to be!


I am 39 and into the 4th month of Tamoxifen and starting to feel achey, which I’m not happy about.

I am hoping to have a baby break in 2 years time (I’ll be 41!) so its pushing it for me.

But I did get advised from the Marsden (where I went for a second opnion about not having chemo), that it’s good to wait 2 years (My cancer was grade 2 and not in lymph) and 3 months after coming off the Tamoxifen. But I don’t know, just passing on their info.


It’s exciting to think that some of you are now at that stage and I think positivity has alot to do with this healing and beating cancer melarchy!


Hope to be joining you in a couple of years, if I stay on the Tamoxifen!


Best, Kate x