Having a bit of a difficult time


I’m having a wee bit of a difficult time at the moment, found it really hard at New Year tried to think positively about the fact that I’m still here and to live for the moment but couldn’t help feeling scared because I don’t know what this year will bring or if I’ll be here by next year or not.

On top of that my father in law has had cancer of the oesophigus(excuse the spelling), he has had to go through a huge operation and chemo with only a 40% chance of it not returning in the next 2 years.

My best friend has had a cyst on her breast for the past 20 years but the surgeon has said that it has started to change shape and wants it removed - so she is going in tonight to get that removed. Touch wood that everything is fine.

The finally, my husband has found a lump on his leg and he has to go and get a CT scan for it so I am worried sick about that even although the Dr thinks it probably fatty tissue.

Just have a lot wizzing about in my mind the now.

On a good note my last scan showed a reduction in my leisions and my fund raising is going really well we are up to £64,000 now which makes me manage to sleep easier at night.

Has anybody heard about the trails for cloning that are going on in Germany. Apparently they are cloning your immune system and then injecting about a billion of these cells back into your body. As far as i am aware the trials for breast cancer are now going on in Germany. I asked my Oncologist about it and she said all different cancers are showing different results some people have went into complete remission others it wasn’t as good results. It will interesting to find out how the breast cancer trials go. I have number of a dr in Tooting who knows about the trial, I will confirm that it is breast cancer they are now doing it on now.

I will keep you all posted on this but I have other things on my plate at the moment and will have to be dealing with them first.

Hi Diane
sorry to hear what you are going through - it does seem to all happen at once sometimes and I think dealing with a life-limiting illness is all most of us can take at any one time
The doctor you are talking about is, I think, Professor Dagleish at St Georges Hospital, Tooting. And the trials in Germany are for breast cancer. I have spoken to his secretary and she said I could be a likely candidate and if I want, should be able to get an appointment with the prof. He is based in London, obviously, but the trials cannot be done in UK, only Germany and "are expensive " apparently.
Ena x

I am sorry you have alot on your plate at the moment - I hope in particular that your husband gets his results asap and his mind set at rest

I would be interested to hear more about these german trials - they sound very interesting - there was a lady talking about them at my clinic the other day and she is intending to travel over there soon, I nearly pushed the curtain to one side to ask her but didn’t.

Its amazing that you managed to raise £64 000 - good for you.


I am on a trial at the moment with Xeloda and Sutent, but the Sutent drug which I am not on yet appears to be highly toxic and quite difficult to take.