HavIng a little wobble

Hi all. Im post surgery day 3 (wle & 4 lymph)
I’ve been feeling much better than I expect too so far. Naturally I’m a positive person but this afternoon I’m feeling a bit tearful.

Yesterday I went out for a few hours (children’s park in the woods, didn’t have to do much as it was a party and so many other parents there to help, I just got some fresh air really) but did have a 5hr sleep when I got in!
Trying hard not to do too much and rest. Husband is being great.

Just had a peek on the triple negative board though and now I think I’ve scared myself. I’m not sure if progesterone - yet, but am def negative for the other 2. I’m scared incase there is lymph involvement, scan showed clear but they took 4 for biopsy. I’m scared as there is no further trmt for 10yrs after.
I have no family history.

Feeling the love from friends though, making my heart feel warm, but still feeling tearful. :frowning:

Hi Xena,we all have wobbly days,try not to think too far ahead,just one day at a time.Dont look at the triple negative stuff ,you don’t know if that applies to you anyway yet so why worry about it now.If lymphnodes looked clear usually they turn out to be clear on examination too.You are only 3 days post op so you are still recovering from your op and anaesthetic which will make you feel a bit wobbly too.When do you find out what happens next ?

Hello Xena, wow, I don’t remember even getting out of bed much by day 3!! Good for you, but really be careful not to do too much. Very important to do arm exercises, but let everyone do as much as poss for you, and take a relaxing back seat.  Also, no peeking, as Jill says, just take one step at a time.  There is plenty of time when you have all the info to find out more, but sometimes ignorance is bliss as you can’t unsee something which might worry you, and may well not apply to your particular circumstances.  This is a very up and down process, you will have many days of coping, and suddenly crash down, sometimes for no real reason. Don’t worry about crying - let your emotions out. Whatever you are feeling is absolutely normal and we understand on here, so always let it out here.  Wishing you all good things and sending gentle hugs. :cathappy:xxx

Thank you jill. I have an appointment in two weeks for my post op check and report. Long old wait though!
Hi rubycat, I’ve had a very lazy day today, done nothing except loaf around reading magazines! I have been doing my arm exercises since the first full day home, also taking pain meds as a course so to speak initially.
Think I may send my hubby out with the girls tomorrow as there is something not very relaxing about listening to your other half trying to sort the children out. He is brilliant with them, but It did sound like he was destroying the house whilst making a cake with them this afternoon!

Crikey, Zena, you’re strong! I had a drain in and more or less stayed in bed for a week. I don’t deal with anaesthetic very well, so it did take a week to get rid of it from my system. I think you are probably emotional due to the anaesthetic and also the shock and relief of the op and getting rid of Mr. Blobby!  Be good to yourself. Take one stage at a time, would be my advice, and don’t  go onto boards until they are relevant to you or you will scare yourself wondering what if…

In the meantime, just listen to your body , rest when you need to, and enjoy your life. X

Hi Jencat,why wouldn’t you be ok for your op ?

Oh that’s bad luck ,you just want to get it over with don’t you but like you say 4 weeks is approx time for most ops after diagnoses so no point in pushing it if you are not well.

Hi jencat Looks like you and myself having our surgery Thursday so I guess we both have the same feelings My friend took me out to lunch tioday and we had a couple of cocktails It was lovely you forget about things for a while! Trying to get sorted as much as I can before having surgery again My poor boob hasn’t recovered from the 1st op yet which was June 2nd op 14 th July and now 3rd Thursday I really hope this is the last one (and so does my boob) mind you I do realise how lucky I am as some of you ladies have had mastectomies xx Good luck Jencat x

Will be keeping everything crossed for you Peedles that you are 3rd time lucky !!! I think I’ve said before that I know 2 ladies who had to have 3 ops too .3rd was successful for both of them but also very demoralising to have to go through it yet again!!

Hi xena , hope you are recovering well, week today i had my op, i had alot of questions i wanted to ask my surgeon after, but i never got to, i have had a letter and i get my results on the 8th.

On close inspection of wounds when i got home, ive noticed i have what i can only call little bkack pen marks in perminant pen, ive had 7 showers lol, and its still there, i have one dot under my arm half way down, and 3 dots close to gether on breast, my tumour was directly under nipple, but these markers are about an inch to thd right of that, im thinking maybe its a marker for them on outside to show where tumour was after mammoplasty.

Did you have theses black dots

Im gonna ask my doctor today as i have an appointed to check wound as i have noticed a red area where lymph nodes were removed, and small area on the top of my nipple, just want it cbecking as im paranoid about getting an infection.

Sorry about the ramble lol

Debbie x

Hi Debbie1964, I can’t see any pen marks at all on the skin around my dressings. There could perhaps be some underneath, but I won’t get to find that out until next Friday!


Jencat and Peedles, wondered how you got on yesterday with your ops?