Having a mastectomy on 12 Nov

After 6 sessions of taxotere I am now having my mx and full clearance next week.

I have had plenty of time to get my head around the idea so don’t feel too worried about it, I just want this cancer gone which hopefully it will be after the op is done.

I’m still a bit concerned though …

Peacock, best of luck with it. What concerns do you have? Anything we can help with online?

Hi Peacock,

I can’t remember exactly when you finished your chemo as I haven’t seen all of your recent posts. I’ve been keeping a bit of a low profile here as I’m now waiting for the results of my own surgery…

How are you feeling about all the Tax side effects you were having? I was rather concerned about going for surgery with all the swelling & muscle pain from the Tax, but I have to say, that has resolved itself somewhat. Weirdly, I think that the anaesthetic might have had some beneficial effect on my sore /tight muscles!!!
By the way, I had gone up a whole size in stockings since my node surgery in April from the swelling!!!

Anyway, this post is mainly to wish you all the best for next week. It’s such a long build up to surgery when you go through months of chemo beforehand. I can tell you that by the night before I had worked myself up into a bit of a state, but on the day I had a real urge to get on and get through it. I hope that all goes well for you!
I know you’ll let us know how you get on.



Hi Cat and Lomalinda

Thanks for your replies ladies, and I hope that you are recovering well from your op Linda? How long ago did you have it, did they do a full lymph clearance, and how was it? Are you having rads now? I hope that your results will be excellent news for you.

The side effects seem like a nightmare now, I only managed to have 6 taxotere instead of the 8. Due to all this oedema that I have (I look and feel like Bubbles DeVere) the chemo had to stop so surgery is going to be quick. I have put on 2 stone since starting chemo, I thought you were meant to lose weight on chemo not put it on. Movement and walking is difficult at the moment, but I suppose it will pass eventually.

Cat my main concern is what they will find when they do the op. I know I have no control over this and will just have to hope for the best but as I have IBC, it concerns me that it might have spread or that I will get a recurrence. I know that’s negative, and it will be so nice to say I am free of cancer.

Anyway, we will see


hi peacock
i am also having a mastectomy on the 11th of november tho i have got the wobbles a bit now just waiting to go in , good luck anyway and keep us posted on your recovery

big hugs
joanie x

Good luck to you Joanie and my wishes for a speedy recovery

cyber hugs


Peacock, just wanted to wish you all the best, I am 8 weeks post op, the mast itself, I found ok it was the node clearance which affected my arm, but with time im getting the movement and feeling back (would think im about 95% back now). I had to cut short my tax also but only after 2 as I was one of the few people that it didnt work for (luckily I had a very good response with the x 4 AC I had before). I think you have done the worst bit ie chemo, the surgery isnt pleasent but essential to secure your future. Will you op for recon in the future? ( my friend has IBC and has her mast on the 8/12, the same day I have my ovaries out, and her surgeon has told her that future recon is an option) I have opted for recon, but wont be able to have it until next year, as am starting rads soon.

PS i also put well over a stone on on chemo, but joined a slimming club and have lost 8lb so far and feel much better about my appearance now.

Best of luck with it.

hi peacock and joanie19

i had a mastectomy in jan this year plus clearance
i always believe that you cant change anything so whats the point of making yourself feel bad about it.
my opp went well and i was up out of bed about an hour after.
so chin up keep smiling good luck and all will be good x x