Having a whingy day me-thinks.

Having just had a whinge on another site I now have a question here in case any of you can give advice.

I am getting pain in my hip joints every night which wakes me up . I can’t lie on either side and have to sleep on my back all night. During the day they are not as bad but still painful. Just wondered if this could be the Tamoxifen. I have had no problems so far and have been taking it now for 13 months.

God bless


Hi Norma,

I’m on Arimidex but can get a painful hip at night that wakes me up. It’s not there during the day but sometimes when I go to bed and lie in the same position it can get really painful. as I said, it’s just the one…my left…mostly but I have had it in the other as well.

I asked if it could be the Arimidex at one of my appointmnets and was told yes so I imagine that it is the Tamoxifen too. I must admit that I didn’t get it on Tamoxifen, it just started when I changed to Arimidex.

Why don’t you have a word with your BC nurse?

Sheana x

I’ve started to get pains in hips or bum too. First thought it was excess weight but now i have put it down to tamoxifen. but then again my knees and ankles really ache too.