having a wobble!

Just thought I’d put my fears in black and white to see how irrational they may be and hopefully get some reassurances from you people out there!
I have had mx 5oct and axillary clearance 2nd Nov and had my first chemo 26/11(3ec +3 tax). Yes its grim and I’m not looking forward to the rest but I have to improve my chances. BUT I have this really big fear of getting an infection, going in to hospital and not coming home again :frowning:
I’m frightened of meeting people incase they infect me and just can’t get this idea out of my head. Would I know if I had an infection, I feel so rubbish at the moment I wonder if I’d know the difference - I do take my temperature regularly.
Being silly… I know. OH thinks I’m being daft as I’m normally so optimistic!

I just wanted to reassure you that so long as you seek medical attention promptly if your temperature goes up neutropenic sepsis caused by infection is very treatable. I got it twice during my chemo last year and had to be admitted to hospital and put on iv antibiotics. I was in for six days each time. Of course it is not pleasant but after the treatment I was fine to continue with my chemo.
There is obviously merit in guarding against infection by keeping away from people with colds etc. but you don’t want to isolate yourself too much. Personally I stayed off public transport for the second half of my chemo as it seemed a particular hotbed of infection! In the end it was urine infections that floored me rather than anything I picked up from anyone else.
One piece of helpful advice my oncologist gave was that if your temperature goes up during hours when oncology day unit was not open was to go straight into casualty. Don’t wait till morning and don’t mess about with nhs24.
In my area you get a little card to show at casualty reception to get you at least taken out of the waiting room quickly.
I hope that is some help. It is a serious condition but so long as you act promptly you should be fine. Most people I have spoken to at Maggies etc never got it so fingers crossed that you will be lucky.

Thank you…that puts it all in to place. Like you said, common sense to avoid infected people/places but you can’t protect yourself from a urine infection so I just need to keep taking my temperature and get on with my life on my good days !! :slight_smile:

1234, you just wobble away. Keep an eye on the temp, and share on here or call the helpline. All we can do is the best we can do. Chemo sucks, but the potential alternative is worse.

Hugs, and hope someone else is cooking crimbo dinner for you.