Having Chemo (FEC) and no horrible side affects so far..is this normal??

Hi all,

Is there anyone who’s had or having chemo and hasn’t had many side affects? I have had no nasty side affects so far and can’t get my head around it. After hearing so many stories of so many people really suffering badly with many side affects, I am kind of thinking that if i’m not getting any, does it mean the chemo isnt working? I know i should be thinking i’m lucky but it just seems really odd since the drugs are extremely harsh.

K x

Hi. Thnks for posting this. I’ve had side effects but not as bad as was expecting. but then was expecting the worse!

It’s good for other people to see that not everyone suffers :slight_smile:

Hi K
I’ve had 4 FEC so far and have had very little in way of SE’s, I’m still working fulltime as well. Now i’m at number 4 the fatigue has hit me a bit but not enough to incapacitate me, seems so varied doesn’t it?

Hi ladies, I’m an old timer just browsing the threads and spotted yours. I had FEC-T in late 2010 and was one of those annoying people who worked all the way through and apart from the hair loss had pretty minimal side effects… kept all my nails, never sick, etc etc. But then I was a girly swot and followed the guidance to the letter!

The thing to remember is that people don’t tend to psot about stuff going well, it’s more the worries and nasties that people ask about or share. If you are among the lucky people, just be grateful and don’t worry or feel guilty about it!

Hope all goes well for you and a year or so on you feel as well as I do.

Thank you ladies,.but what about the myth about it not working? if a person doesn’t get many side affects?

K x

I have just had a glass of wine…naughty i know but why not?? lol xx

KB, don’t pay any attention to that, it’s a load of bunkum, to use a technical term. The SEs are nothing to do with how effective it is, and a lot more to do with how sensitive the vomiting centre in your brain is (well, for the puking anyhow).

Feel free to be smug - and somewhat relieved! - that your SEs are small, it’s what we all hope for. Lucky you, long may it continue.

But don’t overdo things, even though you’re feeling ok at the moment. Take things easy, rest when you need to, sleep when you need to, and give in if your body tells you to have a sofa day. You don’t have to be superwoman, so forgive yourself for letting things slide a bit if you need to.

And I really hope your small SEs continue!

Hi KB,

It’s a myth for a reason - it isn’t true. I had my chem neoadjuvantly - before surgery - becuase my tumour was enormous. I can assure it it shrank significantly (the kind of cnacer I had evidently never has a total apthological response with chemo, but something like 95-99% of it was destroyed).

As for theglass of wine - my BCN said ‘an odd glass now and then is fine, but not too mcuh’. As it happens I’m TT, so I asked her if that meant I needed to take it up :wink:

Just take it steady, chemo does take its toll, even if the se’s are teeny, Have as good a weekend as you can.

Hi KB,
I’ve had 4 EC and my side effects have been minimal too, just lack of taste for a couple of days and bit tired… But if you are tired, have a sofa snuggle, believe me here there are no prizes for keeping going… You need you time xxxxxx
Love K Q

Thank you ladies…well maybe it might get worse the more chemo i have. i am having 3 fec, then 3 tax and ive heard tax is a nasty one…so i am not banking on feeling well when i start taking that…xx

oops sorry 2 fec now…lol 1 down 3 fec to go…x

Another one here who worked all the way through FEC-T. The tiredness built as I went through and I did some short days, but I worked almost normal hours for two weeks out of three.

Hope it continues that way for you too.


Good on you for getting minimal SE’s. As others have said, only a few unfortunate ladies got the whole kit and kaboodle.

I had a very bumpy time after FEC 1 but my chemo team used this as an opportunity to review my medication and things have been much better.

I am not up to much for the first week, but then I move out of the fog on day 7 and am able to work for the subsequent 2 weeks and feel like my normal self.

I think the key to all this is to listen to your body, it will never lie to you. Chemo is cumulative so one of the things you are likely to experience is increasing fatigue. But compared tosome of the other SE’s on offer, fatigue is notvso bad.

Good luck with it all


Hiya ladies,
Thank you once again ,for your feedback. its good to know that there are ladies out there who are not suffering with the chemo.However It is unfortunate for those who are and my heart goes out to them.
I hope this thread might help other ladies who are recently diagnosed and havent yet started their chemo. It isnt as scary as people make out. Not everyone suffers with nasty side affects…

I know i will get tired, i have felt a bit tired in the middle of the afternoon which is unusual for me. but hey… i soon pull myself together. there is no way this will bring me down. i will get through this treatment…it wont beat me…lol. i have got two children whom i have to run around for so i cant afford to be ill on the chemo. I will be strong.
im not sure whether or not FEC is only a gentle dose of chemo. i have heard that it the Taxotere one thats the nasty one.so i might suffer with that one. i will be on that after my 2 sessions of FEC so maybe that might affect me. Some ladies have mentioned something called the Tax truck so i am fearing this…what the heck is it?
K xx

Hi I had my 1st Fec 12 days ago and apart from tiredness and over eating feel like i’m pregnant having bloody cravings for cheese and chocolate lol and will be needing a tent for my wedding dress in 7 wks if i carry on lol i’ve been fine finngers crossed it stay that way I to was expecting it to be really bad take care big hugs to u all
Becky xxx

Another who suffered less SE’s than average. I took a week off work for each chemo, but that was mainly because I slept so badly, probably as a SE of the steroids. Also, I had my chemo on a Monday and only work Monday-Wednesday and then Thursday morning. I suspect that some week I could have worked that first Friday. I always managed to go and collect my daughter from the childminder and walked her to and from school on the Thursday and Fridays.
Tax was less fun. I did get achy legs (they are still a bit achy 4 months later). But I kept my nails. I also kept alot of my hair, due to using the Cold Cap.
I must have coped fairly well - I am sure that some school-run mummies don’t even know I have been ill (well, unless my daughter has shouted out “Mummy’s got breast counsellor” while they have been close). I was not sick at all, just felt slightly queasy a couple of times.

Hi KB.
Glad to hear you are doing well with minimal se’s - long may it continue.
I have completed my chemo now - it was the same as yours 3xFEC and 3xTAX.
I pretty much sailed through all of it with minimal se’s - I never did meet up with the infamous tax truck, and like Revcat, I was a goody two shoes and played by the rules set by my Onc.
My surgeon and everyone told me that TAX would hit harder than FEC, but it didn’t, so fingers crossed it will be ok for you too.
I planned for the worst, and feel I got off lightly, and research shows there is no difference in outcome whether you suffer awful se’s or not.
Listen to your body, and take each day as it comes.
Sue x

its good someone as made this post .cause all u here is the horrible side s

its good someone as made this post .cause all u here is the horrible side s

i have my chemo 22nd of june 3 fec and 3 tax or tox am so scared wats ahead:( will b nice to have few freind along with me on this journey