Having first Chemo 26-2-09

got a letter from the hospital yesterday. my Chemo pre-assessment appt is 25-2-09, then Chemo starts the following day.

the worst thing for me is that I have a really bad needle phobia. my legs shake uncontrolably from the hip to the ankle. for me the worst thing about my masectomy was the thought of the antheastist putting the needle in the back of my hand.

throughout all of my appts so far the only time I have cried was when they did the biopsies after my mammagram, but again that was down to my needle phobia and nothing else

so the thought of chemo for me is ok it is the thought of the needles that scares me.

Hi there
I start on 24.02.09 and understand how you feel. I too hate needles nearly passed out when the put a wire in my breast before surgery. My problem is that I have really difficult veins, i.e. they cant find them!!Met chemo nurse this week and will probably need a main line, not sure whether this is a better option or not?

Hi Newforestmum

So sorry you have joined us and it must be very difficult facing chemo with a needle phobie. I can honestly say that I personally have never felt more than a slight scratch when having chemo (only 1 more to go). The chemo nurses do this all the time and they are absolutely brilliant, it is their expertise and they have many tricks to help you. I’m sure they have supported many ladies who feel like you do.

Most importantly tell all at your pre-assessment appt that is your chance to make sure they understand how you are feeling and perhaps they might even suggest some slight sedative to support you.

I do hope it goes well and honestly the time flies in before you know where you are it will all be behind you.

All the best Anne x

Hi newforestmun
Just wanted to wish you luck for this week, mine starts
tuesday and so by the end of this week we will both be on our journey.
Really hope the needle phobea goes better than you think
take care

I had 6 FEC (finished 4 weeks ago) and although I did no have a needle phobia, my veins were badly affected by the chemo and after FEC 3 the chemo nurse said she could not put any more chemo into my arm (I had phlebitis with FEC 1, 2 and 3 - it was treated with antibiotics and Hirudoid cream and was very painful.)
I had a Hickman line for my last 3 chemos and can honestly say I wish I had done this at the beginning. It made the administration of chemo so much easier.

What a nice name.Just like to congratulate you on haning 6fec.I only ,managed 3 fec as SE got so bad.Not much better on the first round of taxotere now.
Best wishes px

I started my chemo last week on tuesday. I dont particularly like needles and am a bit of a baby. It wasnt pleasant but its three seconds over… These guys hit the spot first time. Unlike with all the other assorted blood tests etc i have had there is no bruise on my hand.

Good luck, i am only a week ahead of you. I am not sufferering greatly, bit tired, bit queasy. Only five more to go…

All the best

Had pre-assessment today so have more details about my Chemo now, which starts tomorrow. Dr has decided to accelerate my Chemo from original 5 months to 16 weeks, which has really worried my hubby.

Told nurse about needle phobia and uncontolable shaky legs, she told me about a cream they can put on my hand

stage one = 4 doses of Epirubicin and Cyclphospohamide, every 2 weeks over 8 weeks. Chemo on thurs followed by GCSF injections starting on Sun for 7 days, something to do with preventing bone marrow damage

stage two = 8 doses of Paclitaxel every week over 8 weeks

towards end of Chemo Herceptin starts every 3 weeks

after Chemo Radiotherapy starts

So Chemo starts tomorrow, Friday is another CT scan

I need to stay strong as family and friends are not doing so well


I have finished my chemo and I suggest you try and focus on positive things like your kids and plan some things to look forward to. Try and focus on this rather than the chemo sessions. I planned a Birthday party in the middle of my chemo and invited over 100 kids (with families. I think staying strong in your mind is what gets you through. Have you got a copy of the Mummy’s lump book from this site. It is free and brilliant for sharing with children (and anyone else as it gives you a way to start talking about it all.

I have the mummys lump book and it is great.

My sister-in-law is a classroom assistant and has ordered a copy for her school, as they had a child last year who’s mum did not know how to talk to her child whilst she was going through it

chemo was fine on thur apart my my stupid needle phobia, which really kicked off badly, I think it even shocked the nurses at how bad it was. The oncolgist walked through and commented “oh my goodness you really do have a bad phobia don’t you bless you.”

apart from that it all went fine. so far only side effect I can report is funny taste in mouth, plus I keep yawning. I am also having 7 daily injections of GCSF, during first 4 doses of chemo, something to do with bone marrow.

I too will be starting to organise a party, as I will be 40 30-6-09, plus mum and dad had their 60 + 70 birthdays in Feb 09. We had a joint party 10 years ago and we are planning on doing the same this year, later on in the summer

Hi Newforestmum
i all so have a phobia to needles and very bad veins, they hide when a needle comes out.

Because of this i asked for a PICC line to be put in, this is a line that goes into your vein and stays there untill your chemo has finished,i have to have 6xFEC im due to have number 2 this coming friday.Having the picc line in means that thay dont have to poke around finding a vein and having my bloods taken is so much easier.

i would ask your chemo nurse or your doc you may find having the picc line better for you.

Hope this gives you somethink to think about

Take care
Karron xx