Having lump removed - 'probably benign'

I went to the breast clinic yesterday as my FNA came back with atypical cells. The nurse had a feel of my lump and said it’s too small for a core biopsy as she may end up missing the cells so they’re probably going to remove the lump under general anaesthetic. They’re having a meeting next Wednesday and will call me after to let me know.
I’m really happy about this and have told her so, which she said should help them make the decision to remove it. She said it’s probably benign but as the cells have changed they’d rather deal with it before it stands a chance of turning bad. Obviously they’ll investigate the lump once removed and let me know if it’s anything sinister.
Has anyone else had this procedure without being the lump being diagnosed as BC? What was the outcome? How long does it take to recover from the surgery? How bad will the scar be?
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

OK, getting a bit panicky now coz I went and googled it - can only find stuff about people having this op if it’s BC, am I the only one who’s had it without being diagnosed or is there something they’re not telling me? :frowning:

I can understand why you are feeling panicky, Dr Google is not terribly reassuring. It sounds to me as if they are going to do an excisional biopsy to remove the area and test it to be sure it is what they think it is. It’s easy to confuse this procedure with a lumpectomy, which is a similar procedure, but tends to be done when a mass is already known to be BC. I think they are being honest with you and aren’t hiding anything from you - just being very thorough. BTW, many people use the words excisional biopsy and lumpectomy interchangeably - they are similar procedures but with different purposes.
Many many people have had this done without the lump being cancerous, even at this stage over 80% will be benign. As far as I know the procedure is relatively straightforward, leaves a small scar and recovery is pretty quick. I’m sure people who have had it done will be able to tell you more. Of course it will depend on how much tissue they take and where from, but the surgeon should go through this with you beforehand.
Hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:

Thank you - I am suitably reassured, thanks for you kind words :slight_smile:

The size of the incision will depend on how big your lump is and how much moving room the surgeon will need to get at it. I had an excisional biopsy to remove three lumps(biggest 3cm) from the 1 oclock and 5 oclock positions on the 12th. The surgeon made a cut about an inch and a half long right next to my nipple and “tunnelled” up and down to get out my lumps. The stitching was done under the surface then tape was put across the top to hold the skin together. I’m 12 days post surgery and completely healed, there’s still a bit of bruising and I can feel the stitches below the scar but other than that I’m pretty much back to normal life(heavy lifting still tugs and causes discomfort). Where possible they put the scar somewhere it won’t normally be seen, but my surgical nurse said as long as I didn’t try star jumps and tear the stitches, it would heal cleanly and there would eb a minimal scar. The surgery is nothing to be worried about, you’ll be in and out in a day, and the general anaesthetic nap is fabulous(even if it does make you a bit forgetful). I really hope you get good news once it’s over xxx

Thanks Sailor Girl, it really helps to speak to someone who’s been through the same process.
I’m glad to hear you’re healing well. Assume you’re waiting for biopsy results now? Hope everything’s ok :slight_smile:

I got my results 10 days after surgery, when they removed my dressing. All clear, fibroadenomas one and all. I still have one lump left, it was on the other side to the 3 I had removed and to get it out would have required a longer incision. I opted not to have it removed because the risks would have gone up, things like possible loss of sensation in the nipple and blood flow issues. At the moment I can’t feel it because it’s only about a cm but I’ll keep checking myself and if it gets bigger I’ll go back to the clinic. Fibroadenomas are really common, way more common than BC, so I’ll hope that’s what yours is xxx ps Doctor Google will ALWAYS tell you the scary before the normal/benign

Got my consultant’s appointment through for 17 April, then it’ll be up to a month waiting for my op, assuming he doesn’t change his mind… wish he’d put me on the list now, he can always take me off when he sees me if he decides it’s not worth operating…
I’m sure the lump’s grown so I’m sure it’ll have to come out, and the sooner the better!

That’s really good news. You’ll find the time flies by once you have a date, just stay calm and think positively, cliched I know but there is no need to stress yourself out overthinking it, you’ll make yourself ill. Good luck xxx