having ovaries removed

This is going to seem like a very silly question but as I am having such a lot of probs with my oestrogen levels being very high when they should be low one option is to have them removed or destroyed by radiation. I have all the menapausal symptoms anyway but what worries my husband is that it has taken us 5 years to get our sex life back and he says it could ruin it or end it altogether. Has anyone had this done and has it caused any probs. Please help as I don’t know what to do

Hi Louise

I have sent you a personal message…I didn’t really want to broadcast details about my sex life ;o)


I have had a conversation about having my ovaries removed today with my surgeon, I can see the benefits but it hadn’t even crossed my mind about the affect on my sex drive. Help!

Hi Suzysu
just read PM from Nicky65 and she says no problem so I think that so long as you make the effort to keep things right then should be ok
I have had to make a big effort to get it right and with out that my sex life would be no more but I set aside the time cooked nice meals with a bottle of wine and got dressed up and it worked

Hi Happy cat
I’m wondering about having ovaries removed. I’ll be off tamoxifen shortly and I’m obviously not about to go through menopause any day soon. I’ve got a marina coil but that isn’t working. I’d rather not have the full hysterectome.
I’m 54, as for sex life, when periods last up to 43 days it takes more than a bottle of wine and a nice meal,we need diagrams to remind us how things work.Lol.

Next time i’m coming back as a man.

thanks for your help on this I think i am going to say yes to having them out because I have been off tamoxafin for 3 months now and have very bad headaches, hot fushes till I nearly pass out and feel sick. Today I have spent most of day inbed as felt so bad

Hi Louise

My onc has said that if my periods come back (post chemo/on tamoxifen), we’ll talk about zapping the ovaries, but before they do anything drastic like take them out, we’d try zoladex first to see how I got on - effectively without ovaries, apparently. Maybe worth asking?

xx Jane

Hi Jane
thanks for that I’ll ask about that

saw oncologist today and he has agreed to ask gyny to remove my ovaries so just a matter of waiting now

Hi Happycat
I’m not quite following. If they remove ovaries won’t you have to take tamoxifen?
Sorry about being a bit numb.
Trying to work things out on day 23 of this period.
Happy Days

Hi…Hope you dont mind me joining in…I had my ovaries removed in october 2009.i tried the zoladex injections first and coped well so my oncologist said about making it more permanent and have them removed…I still take tamoxifen and will continue with that till the end of my 5 year treatment plan…Sex life is normal too.The only other thing to consider is the risk of osteoporosis years down the line…I was told it was not if i get it but when…I am 41 now but decided i needed to do the right thing for me now and worry about the future when it happens…Gill.x


some oncologists will change you on to arimidex or femara after you have your ovaries out rather than tamox… although many women have side effects from them too.

as for the BSO itself i have had much worse flushes since my TAH & BSO than i even had on tamoxifen but everybody is different… i guess the only problem with having your ovaries out as a first off option is that you cant put them back in if you dont like the side effects…

for me this wasnt an issue as im a brca2 carrier so hot flushes are just something i have to put up with as its damn site better than ovarian cancer.

incidentally there is a new school of thought from some oncologists that you should continue with tamoxifen if you were premenopausal when you got BC… im still on tamox and dont plan to have an AI.

also depending on your age some consultants will offer HRT even in hormone positive cases if the side effects are unbearable… my consultant was keen for me to have HRT as i was only 42 when i had my ovaries out… as there is some debatable evidence that HRT following removal of the ovaries still has a lower risk of BC than somebody who has their ovaries and isnt taking HRT.


Hi happy cat

As well as the support and information you are receiving from the other users you may find it useful to read the BCC booklet on ovarian ablation and suppression. If you would like a copy or to read this on line just follow this link:-


I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

thanks everyone, Chinook I have stopped taking tamox as nearly 5 yrs and could be that making me worse. I don’t think having them out could be worse than this as they are not working very well anyway and have all menapausal symptoms anyway so it will put me the otherside instead of being stuck in it for last 6 years

happy cat… i think you might find that you continue to get menopasual symptoms and they could even escalate… some women experience symptoms for 20 years after the menopause… i worry that the answers you are looking for with this surgery may not happen.

many women do find the symptoms of sudden induced menopause from BSO much much more intolerable than the ones they were experiening on tamoxifen.

make sure you have a real good talk with your gynaecologist and write all these questions down so you know what to ask so that you dont end up jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

have you heard of meopausematters website? it has loads of menopausal information got a really useful forum and you might be able to get some helpful advice from them too.

Lulu x