Having surgery on Monday whilst still undergoing radiotherapy. - anyone else had this?

Hi everyone - I’m in France - and have been through chemo /surgery and have done 25 of 29 radiotherapy sessions.  I was left a phone message on Friday that I’m having surgery on Monday - no details given.  I think it may be the chemo port being removed - but I am really worried as i was told by radio people not to use creams - and hardly touch the breast area.  I do not have a named nurse to contact - and no answer at the hospital.  Has anyone else had this happen - thanks.

Hi Janemolly,


Pretty shocking! They should have explained what they want to do the surgery for. Phone up first thing on Monday and ask. 


I was told not to use creams but ignored it. However, what is important is to make sure there is absolutely no cream put on many hourse before a radiotherapy session, simply because that would seriously effect the treatment in a bad way. Because they are so nervous about that they tend to try and stop all cream.

Immediately after each treatment I put lots of cream on. In the morning before treatment none, and even washed the area with a very gentle liquid soap. E45 is good.


Do you know the Susan Love ‘Breast Book’? Download it from Amazon it is great, full of info.


I’m in France as well, in the Languedoc. Where are you?


Hi Margaret - I rang the radio dept at 7.30am and the op turned out to be a case of depts not talking to each other - It is to have the port removed - but not for at least another 2 weeks.  I am still very sore - so will heed your advice re cream.  Thanks Jane