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Hi all, hope everyone is OK. I spoke to Mum last night and she said her hair is really starting to come out now. We did go to buy some wigs a few weeks ago in preparation but she would really like some scarves or something nice to wear around the house and for times she doesn’t want to wear a wig. I have no idea where to get some for her though. Auy suggestions from anyone?

Thanks, Michelle x

Hi Michelle

Do a search for “scarf” on ebay and then have a look in the vintage accessories category. There are some fab ones available - they’re 2nd-hand obviously but fine after a quick wash. I struggled to find many square ones on the high street (haven’t figured out how to tie the longer type yet!) and what you do find tend to be really silky and don’t stay in place as well…

Hope this helps.

Jo x

There are lots of scarves, bandanas and turbans on sale for those who have experienced hairloss. There are even false fringes to tuck inside them.

All you need to do is use a search engine and lots of outlets will come up.

Hi Michelle

There is a really good US site called headcovers.com who deliver to the UK quickly. Also patra.com in this country do a great silk turban.



Bohemia fashions on the internet have a good selection including a nice soft cotton head liner for round the house. they also have bandanas and soft turbans.
happy searching

Hi Michelle

The 8 in 1 headbands on this site are great they are like elasticated bandannas, and I have been wearing them since I lost my hair about a month ago, they are really easy to put on just like putting a hat on. You can also buy them in Claire’s and accessorize.
Good luck

Kim x


Hey thanks Kim, those look great. Claire’s, here I come! Had looked in there but hadn’t seen them.



Hi Michelle,

I got virtually all my head scarves from the american website www.headcovers.com. The delivery is really quick and they are very reasonably priced. The terry towelling sleep cap is a must!!

Personally I am rubbish at tying headscarves, even though I have several ‘scarf tying guides’!! So, I buy the ‘eyelet lace’ scarves that come with a scrunchie and are already folded. They are sooooo easy to put on and it takes me seconds. I would defo recommend them.

Lastly, look up ‘headstrong’, they are based at numerous hospitals all over the country. They offer support to people who are experiencing hair loss due to chemo. They gave me a lovely free scarf (which I got to pick myself) and also a they have loads of other scarves and head wear that your mum can try on and buy if she wishes. Also, they demonstrate loads of different ways to tie scarves. You may have to travel a bit to get to your local one but its well worth it,

Hope that helps,

Take care,


Wow this is all great! Thanks so much for your messages - now which colour to choose?!! xx

I got some lovely scarfs in accessorise - they are silky but stay in place but guess they might be a bit cold going into the winter months. I just got so sick of all my other scarves and the ones in accessorise are really pretty - make sure you get the ones that are meant to be headscarfs. They are triangular shaped and very easy to tie. Some of the other ones I’ve got are enormous and so much material is harder.


Hi Michelle

Here is the link to the ‘Headstrong’ service details which Kelly has kindly pointed out to you:


Best wishes
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Hi Kim

Went to Claire’s today and they denied all knowledge of those 8 in 1 head bands! I am hitting the website.

Loads of love


Hi Michelle & Mum
I got some lovely scarves from www.4women.com and although based in the US they deliver quickly to UK.

Hi Dilys

Not sure they are called 8 in 1 headbands in Claire’s. They were just on the headband section when I looked. But they look good on the website and they are cheap. I actually bought a load back from Spain earlier this year before commencing chemo.
Good luck

Hope they work as well for you as they do me. I love them.

Kim x

Hi Michelle,

our local red cross shop kindly sorted me out with a selection of scarves - and new look do compo and ena sharples type hats (well, that’s what they look like on me!) - does anyone know a site that does the idiots guide to tying a headscarf? Whichever way I start it ends up like nora batty !!!

thank you