Headache and flu symptoms since being diagnosed

Hi all,

This is my first post here as I only got the results back from my triple assessment on Wednesday 18th August, 2010. The fnac result was c5 and I’m due to go in for a biopsy on Mon, 23rd. What’s baffling me, is that ever since receiving this unfortunate news, I have been suffering from the most terrible migraines and woke up this morning with a cough and aches and pains. Do you think this is due to the stress of my dx? Did anyone else experience this? I’m 36 years old, 1cm lump in left breast. Docs say it looks like early stage bc. Thank you everyone.

ceecee - I am pretty sure that it is due to stress. I think we have all experienced physical symptoms of some sort during the period following dx. I hope all goes well for you on Monday.

Ann x

Thank you for your response Ann. I am still reeling from the news and trying to come to terms with it all. I’m finding this forum very helpful. Hope you are coping well with your situation. Shall post again when i get more info x