Hi Folks

just wanted to see if anyone else has experience of headaches whilst on chemo. I am day 8 into my first FEC and for the past 3-4 days I have had a persistent headache/eye pain that has only been partially relieved by pain killers.

Looking at the chemo drugs profiles and dexamethasone, headache does appear to be a side effect of the chemo. Should I just keep taking the tablets and discuss with the onc in 2 weeks about more appropriate meds. Not fussed about going to GP because chances are he wont know whether specifically related to chemo

Its not debilitating, just draining and i have always been prone to headaches/migraine so its not the end of the world. Life would just be that bit better over the coming months if one less thing bothering me.

thanks in advance


Hi, i’m on FEC3 and haven’t had the headache but have felt ‘woolly’.

I would phone your chemo unit, you’re right about not bothering with the GP as they won’t have the info. The chemo team will tell you exactly what to do and maybe even give you something to take.

Keep drinking too it might be something to do with dehydration.


Thanks SCACO, I will phone the chemo unit. Guess I have been reluctant to as I don’t want to bother them with something as ‘trivial’ as this. I have been trying to drink as much as possible, white tea has been my saviour and I always have a glass of water near by to sip on (me drinking water previously unheard of!).

I see from a previous post that you are being treated at Queen’s - do you go to the support group there. I am between derby and BoT, treated at Derby Royal so will go to the derbyshire one but thought I could go to Queens as well.

Karen x

I’m on a different regime of Chemo but have been experiencing pain behind the eyes and headaches, it normally is worse right after treatment and then wears off a bit. I’ve mentioned it to my Onc and he didn’t seem that surprised but did mention a scan if it persists, I’m due to have a scan anyways after my next cycle. Side effects vary for everyone try not to worry too much and if it does persist get in checked out. x

Hi, I was also on a different regime, taxotere not fec, but I had terrible headaches the first time. It went on all day and night for about 4 days. When I rang the chemo unit they just told me to go to my gp. In the end it got so bad that I decided I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to call out the emergency doctor at 3am one morning. I’m glad to say it only happened with the first dose.

dear browneyes i have been headachy with fec and tax and whoozy but seems to slowly wear off but has took 2 wks this time x

Rang the chemo unit, with nurse saying that headaches are not usually expected. Suggested I go in to get checked over by doctor. Had to wait a few hours when there but bloods taken and neuro exam with doctor thinking it is simply migraine, although he has booked me for CT scan as precaution.

Given pizotifen tablets so hopefully they will work. Its been a bit of a palaver today but had my mind put at rest.

Karen x

hi karen
Just wondering if you had cold cap?
i,ve had headaches with all 3 fec so far, never thought to ask because i just suspected it was a product of having the cold cap.

maria x

Hi Maria

I probably wouldn’t have chosen to have cold cap but due to my history of headaches I felt that it would definitely be asking for trouble. Glad I didn’t. Have taken the pizotifen an hour ago and the pain/fuzz is going so I would agree that it was migraine, the first in over 6 months. Guess the stress of the past few months and chemo cocktail have triggered it off.

Karen x

hi karen

Hope you don’t get anymore. I know how bad migrains can be. If it is stress related, hopefully your next fec will be a bit easier on you. I think the first cycle of chemo causes alot of stress. It’s the not knowing and being constantly aware of our bodies. I know apart from some mild SE’s i sailed through fec2 compared to fec 1 - much more relaxed about it. At least now you,ve got the right meds to nip it in the bud if it does start up again. Good luck with it and hugs

maria x