I finished chemo last March and have had a headache ever since. I just wondered if anyone else has had this? I am not on any medication as my BC was tripple neg. I suspect it is due to hormones/menopause, but of course one can’t help worrying. I’m seeing the onc next week so will mention it to him then.

hi et,
I finished chemo (taxotere) at the end of June. I had a headache for the last 2 sessions and still have one now! I’m always “mentioning” it to my GP, but rarely get a response…I’d be interested in your oncs opinion.

Sandra x

Hi Ladies,
Im 2 yrs post chemo , and am also having a lot of headaches and increased migraines since treatment, i ofen feel light headed and had a particulary bad dizzy spell the other day which worried me a bit , i have my 6 mth check with my onc tomorrow so will be asking him about it , am also hoping its the menopause or the Tamoxifen in my case , but like you i cant help worrying. Will let you both know what he says.
Linda x

Glad to know I’m not alone. I’ll let you know what the onc says.

Hi Ladies,
Spoke to my onc today about the headaches and migraines , and he said they are likely due to fluctuations in hormones ,Tamoxifen or menopause related ,he wasnt unduely concerned anyway.
Hope this helps a bit.
All the best
Linda x

I was having a lot of headaches prior to treatment and the GP I saw thought it was possibly menopausal. She put me on HRT and that was like lighter fuel to the then unknown breast cancer. I came off it straight away but continued and still continue to have headaches. During my chemo they were terrible and I was codeine every day to get through it. Chemo definitely made them much worse. I was given a brain scan and thankfully it was clear.

I’m now 8 months post treatment and on tamoxifen. I do still get headaches though not so bad they need codeine now. I am certain that they are hormone-related as I had bloods done and they show I am definitely menopausal (though permanent or temporary they’re not sure).

Talk to your Onc about them as you need some reassurance. You could also ask your GP or Onc to test to see if you are menopausal.


I saw my onc yesterday. He has ordered a brain MRI scan to be done next week. He thinks it’s unlikely to show up anything but wants one done just to be sure and put my mind at rest. Then I have to see him again for the results. Yea, my minds really at rest now!!! Will keep you all posted.

Good News the MRI was normal. So I can breath a sigh of relief, mind you I still have the headache!

Sorry you still having headaches but congratulations on MRI - what a relief. Very pleased for you.

Anne x x

et, great result!!

Sandra x

I had a low level headache during and after the chemo. It eased off but has returned with a vengence since starting Arimidex 9 months ago. I also have toothache (which has been investigated - no sign of infection)so I’m not sure what is causing the headache. I’ve also mentioned it to my GP who isn’t unduly concerned. I see the Onc in a few weeks so will mention it to him them. Headaches do seem to be a common thread after treatment and AI’s.

I have posted this on behalf of new user Karen.

Regards Sam, Facilitator

Hi All

I am new to this website, i finished all my treatment last Oct for grade 3 breast cancer. I have had headaches everyday for the past couple of months the doctor kept giving four different types of migraine tablets and nothing is working. I have a neurology appt on the 12th Nov 10 i am hoping it is not serious.