Headcoverings - "ears out" options anyone?

Hi, I have loads of hats, scarves, ways of tying them etc but at the moment I just can’t stand anything over my ears. Any suggestions as to what I can use to cover the thin patch on top or how to tie what I’ve got?

I couldn’t stand anything on my ears either - but I didn’t wear my hats much - just went commando when the weather allowed lol. I used to find baker boy style caps the best when I did wear anything, as they sit just above the ears but cover most of your head?

Sorry this isn’t a lot of help - I’m sure others will be along soon with better ideas !

Margaret x

Hi there
I wear the baker boy hats as well sometimes with a beanie underneath. I also wear my wig underneath sometimes as well! Best wishes Alison

i was fortunate in that my hair only thinned but I bought two base ball caps and wore them throughout. i started to wear them before the hair begain thinning so i got used to them (and so other people who knew about the chemo didn’t stare). My children thought it a great joke to wip the hat off and show my bald patch to everyone - luckily the novelty had worn off by the time the hair was really thin.

I bought scarves from Tie Rack and it is possible to wear them tucked behind your ears. I agree it does get very uncomfortable having something over the ears for a long time. I bought my boyfriend a blackout eye mask as he does night shifts and hates the sunlight spoiling his sleep in the summer, and he complained it felt horrible on his ears so he never used it more than once. Now I know what he’s on about.

At night my head gets cold and I bought a “buff” from Blacks, that actually feels OK on my ears! And the added bonus of muffling my hearing, I almost slept through a car alarm going off last night!

Thanks everyone. I’ll experiment with scarves behind the ears and caps. I have got a couple of pre-tied bandana things that will go above the ears - looks strange but at least it is comfortable.