Headgear advice please

I am due to start chemo hopefully just after christmas and am very nervous. I an going tomorrow to see the wig lady but I need some advice about other headgear. I do not think I am a scarf person but the chemo nurse has said that I will need some covering for my head in bed. What do others advise and where can I get them from. I am buying a couple of hats as well to see me through the winter. Any feedback would be very helpful
Thank you

There are loads of hats etc available, just go with what you feel comfortable with. I am having my second chemo tomorrow and had my hair clipped off last Saturday as it had started coming out, it made my scalp a lot more comfortable.

I don’t wear anything in bed, as I got too hot on the first night. I suppose it depends how warm your bedroom is, and whether you like to be hot or cold in bed.

Hope this helps

SJ xx

Hello Janet, You will probably find that hats and buffs are much easier - and warmer - than scarves.

I went to a Headstrong session where I was shown how to tie scarves and also could try a variety of hats from different websites. The hats couldn’t be bought there, but it gave you an idea of what suited you and what didn’t and the helpful ladies wrote down where I could buy any that I liked. Headstrong is run by a cancer charity , you need to book and you can take a friend.

Some websites are trends, suburban turban, hats4heads. I particularly like the Pella hats from Suburban turban. They sell them as night wear but I wear them in the daytime. My friend knitted me a lovely soft hat to wear at night. Our bedroom is really cold and I hate feeling the cold air on my head - except when a hot flush strikes.
Goodluck. Stella

I thought it might be helpful to post a link to more information on BCC’s HeadStrong service, as mentioned above:


With best wishes,
Anna, BCC Facilitator

Hello Jaybee

My hair fell out in Feb 07 and I was surprised how cold I felt without it and also that my head was sore at first. I had a nice wig, but while at home I used to wear a terry towelling cap which was immensely comfortable. I bought it from Headcovers. com. They are an American website but their stuff arrives in the UK very quickly.

I also got some lovely soft cotton scarves from theindiashop.com.

Good luck. Anthi x

Good places for all sorts of head coverings, at sensible prices:

Bohemia Fashions
Scarf Hut

All of these are UK based, and I’ve ordered from all of them, and the service has been excellent. Obviously, as it’s Christmas, post might be a bit slower, but when I ordered at the end of November, it only took a couple of days to arrive. You’ll find hats, sleep caps, bandanas, jersey tie caps, scarves etc etc etc - and I’ve found these to be the best value.

Sophie xx

Thanks for all the info. I’m going to have alook for some head gear today. Not sure about using the cold cap so I need to get sorted. Got 2 nice beret type ones from M&S for £5 each. Jan x

When I went to the NHS wig lady she had items for sale as well as the free NHS wig. I bought two turbans and two headscarves from her.
My hair is now falling out and I found the turbans very useful at night as they catch all the hair so I’m not upset about seeing the hair on the pillows.
I also have a beanie which I keep by the door in case of callers.
The wig I’ve got looks OK but I’m not sure about wearing it all day.
Apart from that I bought 3 cheap cotton square scarves from H & M and I can now do a passable bandana!