Heads spinning

I had my first ever mammogram about a month ago, just over 2 weeks later got a letter asking me to go for another mammogram. The way the letter was worded, it was nothing to worry about and routine. At the appointment I got told they had found something suspicious and they did a diagnostic mammogram, followed by an ultrasound. Did an ultrasound guided biopsy, and inserted a marker. Appointment to go back for results the following week. Went back for results on Wednesday, grade 1 ductal cancer. Suggested treatment lumpectomy, followed by radiotherapy and then tablet for 5 years. Had pre op assessment on Friday, got appointment with nurse today and another appointment with surgeon next Wednesday. My heads in a spin as it’s all happened so fast out of nowhere.

Hi. It gets a bit easier the more it goes on. My ops Friday the last four weeks have flown by since diagnosed. My heads spinning this week too which is understandable, I’ll be fine and so will you. I like you first mamo thought it would be fine, I say lucky we went xxxx vic

Hey Jewels994.

i had my second year mammo ( had tnbc in 2017 ) and also was called in for them to take a closer look at a particular area.  Had 3 more mammograms, ultra sound scan and 3 biopsies.

we discussed mastectomy as they cant give me radiotherapy again… i see surgeon on wednesday when hopefully i’ll be told what type,  grade n stage.  Then discuss treatment plan.

to say i’m worried is an understatement… thought i’d kicked this 2 years ago but they did say it prob isnt related to my previous lump as although same breast,  its different area.

good luck n can i ask if you’ll stay in touch pls. :heart::heart: