Healing after MX

Hi ladies, would appreciate your thoughts.

Had a left MX end of October 2016 and bi-op on nodes which were clear.

Scar on my front starting to fade and feels ok. However where the surgeon dug under my arms my scar is alot darker. I cannot still lie on that side for any length of time as its umcomfortable. Also have very little feeling under the left arm and sometimes it itches but I don’t know were to scratch!!

BC Nurses just tell me its all healing well but how long will it be before the feelings are normal?


Thanks for your help - Lou xx

It was about two years before I could lie for any time on the affected side. I slept with a pillow under my arm for a long time and the itching went on for ages. Sensation takes a while to come back after the nerves have healed. I’m sure this is not what you want to hear but every day will bring slight improvements until one day you realise you are more or less normal again. I can’t say I am completely normal on that side becaue I am not, but almost.

Best wishes.

Hi Lou, I am 2 years post mx and can now comfortably lie on that side (took getting on for a year!) I still have some stiffness under the arm when I stretch but it doesn’t stop me doing anything including exercise classes etc. You will get there but it does take time! Xx