Healing and Relaxation

Healing and Relaxation

Healing and Relaxation Dear all,

I have been receiving healing from a friend of mine since before last Xmas. I have no idea if it works but what I DO know is that I feel as though I have taken an enormous step forwards - maybe out of the shadow of BC.
Although on occasion I am still gripped with fear of reoccurnace, I have learned a fantastic way to relax my body and clear my mind - and then I feel more able to cope with any negative or frightening thoughts andfeel like a weight is lifted off of me.
It’s taken me a long time since diagnosis to feel the way I do now. ( over 2 years since diagnosis ) A lot of tears and heartache.
But, whether you believe in healing or not ( I was the WORST ever non believer!!! ) I recommend you try some of these therapies when you are ready to. At worst, even if it doesn’t cure you, you can learn how to feel genuinely relaxed and free your mind of those horrible thoughts we sometimes have. Apparently stress and fear produce a huge ammount of cortisone in the body which is very bad for anyone with cancer as it lowers the immune system which inturn makes the body more vulnerable to toxins.
I recommend anyone to try healing and relaxation - no matter what you think of it now, you may, like me be converted and feel a whole lot better for it.
Hope this helps.

lotsa love,

*pearly* xxxx

Hi Pearly I’m so pleased you’ve found that healing helps your state of mind.
So many people have said the same thing and taking into account that more and more scientific research is pointing to the fact that mind influences matter, a positive mind has to be a good thing!
What does it matter when people tell you it’s all in the mind! Yes, yes, yes … IT IS and that’s what is so important. Healing energy, the mind, an intelligence (God, the Divine or whatever name) permeating every living cell - sooner rather than later scientists are going to find proof, I’m sure (whether or not they want to!!)

Love and healing
Judy xxx

Bristol Approach Has anyone been to the Bristol Cancer Centre? After two primary breast cancers and now secondaries in liver and bone I think I might try various alternative remedies. Heard good things bout Bristol. Complete change of diet, relaxation, visualization, various complimentary therapies etc. Just wanted to hear bout peoples experiences regarding any alternative approaches.

Pearly & Bristol Pearly - really interested in your experience of healing - this is something I am currently exploring as I really feel that my mind and body are completely out of sync, and I don’t seem to be able to move on at the speed I want to (high expectations again!). Although I only had DCIS the whole treatment process went on for nine months - long story - and my mother died suddenly during my radiotherapy. I suspect to some degree that shock has had an impact at some level that I cannot seem to access. Anyway Janet I went to the Bristol Cancer Centre last Thursday and I had an initial assessment, with someone I could really talk to for the first time. Now deciding if I have the ‘guts’ to attend one of their therapy groups or have some energised healing or see a nutritionist or what. I think the 2 day residential course costs about £500 or a donation if that is out of your reach.

I can spot a fake from 6 zillion metres - so certainly the woman I spoke to was genuine but whether it works or not - is a different issue. I have met someone who was given a bad diagnosis and is still well, but there are also, I’m sure lots of stories that say the opposite. I think ultimately you just have to ask yourself if it will work for you. If anyone needs further info - I am happy for you to access my e mail through the moderator

Best wishes

Celeste xx

An alternative to Bristol? are the two breast cancer havens in Fulham and Hereford which run free two day courses. You may wish to take a look. I found this very beneficial. thehaventrust.org.uk/


Hi PearlyB Don’t fret about recurrence. Really. Just be vigilant, examine yourself regularly, and if (heaven forbid) you feel uneasy about anything, make sure they darned well take note of you.

I find they do like to fob you off with long discussions about scarring and results of treatment or operations. Insist on investigations and action. And I hope it never happens.