Healing of scars


I have an aunt who was diagnosed recently with BC - invasive carcinoma grade 3. She had a lumpectomy and took out 7 cm x 5 cm tissue. Her scar, particularly on the inner side, feels hard. Is this normal?

The doctor looked at it a week after the surgery and asked her to come back 3 months later. She is about 6 weeks after surgery. Is her scar condition consider normal? She is worried.

Thank you.


I had a huge hard lump under my scar for weeks and weeks. Last bit finally went last week (operation was 11th October). Not sure how much difference age makes Gracie, how old is your aunt? I was 56 a week ago!
Please give her my best wishes and good luck for the future, Zoe x

Thank you for your reply. I’ll convey the message to her. She’ll be relieved to know. She is 54 this year. So, roughly the same.

Thank you again and good luck for the future too.


I had a very large and very hard lump beneath my scar which from about 10 days post-op. I was a bit worried and visited my GP - she mis-diagnosed infection and gave me anti-biotics! I still have a bit of a lump and depending on what activities I do day to day the whole side of my boob (the operated on side) can be rock hard by night time.

I’ve been so worried about how hard the scar is. Its five weeks since my surgery and the doctors say its normal but its my body so i’ve been worried. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone. I’m 35 so it may not be an age issue. Best Wishes


I had a lumpectomy in Sept 2006 and I can feel my scar through a bra and whatever else I’m wearing on top. My breast went very hard after having 25 rads as the tissue becomes very dense. Thankfully, the hardness is now going as it was very difficult to examine my breast. A few weeks after surgery I started using Palmer’s Scar Serum and this helped a bit.

Had a mastectomy mid Dec no reconstruction and 3 weeks rads.
Initially for the first 6 weeks was ‘massaging’ the area with aqueous cream / diprobase and doing tiny circular movements along the scar line.
The whole chest wall was tightler after rads so now, 5 months on, its much more of a whole hand massage across the whole area and round the back of the shoulder blade - a couple of mins twice a day.
I have also used alo vera gel and vit E oil but I think the important part is not what you use but the fact of using something regularly, to stop the skin and tissue hardening by gentle massage and stretching.
Hope this info is some use.