Healthy breast reduction following WLE

I had two WLE 18 months ago and have just had breast reduction surgery on my healthy breast to regain symmetry. I was H cups to start with, hence had the choice of WLE v mastectomy. Just wondered if anyone else out there was in the same boat?

So far all is well - going to see consultant tomorrow to have dressings taken off and handiwork checked.

La x

Hello La!

Yes, me too. I had a bilateral reduction at same as WLE in June and have had no trouble with healing. Very pleased with the results. My surgeon did a very tidy job

Hope you are happy too!

Sheila xx

Hi Sheila,

Yes am v happy. Still a bit of healing to go, but it is so much better to have roughly the same weight on either side again. I never heard of reduction being done at the same time as WLE, but makes sense!!

Shelagh x

sorry but I do not understand what WLE is x can you help x

ty Jools x

Dear Jools,

I have attached a link to a glossary of medical terms which you may find helpful.

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

thanks Janet x

Hi Lalala

I had a sugery on my right ( BC) breast back in Oct 08 I was a F cup I have gone down to a D cup. I had breast reduction on my left side in Aug, and i am fairly pleased, i did take a little longer to heal, and the scar is still red but not sore. My Right breast is firmer following rads ( 31 sessions). Once i loose the weight i have put on since dignosis i am sure i am goign to be happy with my bod. I was given a choice ( between mx and Losing a portion) I think because i was being treated privately.

rhian xx

Hi Rhian,

I’m glad to hear you have healed well since your op. I had the Wide Local Excisions on my right breast too, as well as 20 doses of radiotherapy. At the moment my left breast is much higher than the left, but my PS warned me it would take about 3 months for the skin to ‘relax’ and hopefully look the same as the other side. In a bra you can see no difference, which is really great following 18 months of trying to hide it.

Take care,


Hi Shelagh

I was told to be wary of underwire bras, but must admit the bra i find most comfortable is a Triumph underwire. Both my scars are at the sides, my BC goes into my armpit because of the lymph node removal, so i went with a side scare for the reduction hoping it would give better symmatry. Like you say, in a bra all looks pretty good, which is all i can ask for really. I use a great cream on my scars, it made from natural ingredients, from a soap maker called Carol Macmillan. Just google her name and it comes up. I used this on my BC scar from the early days and all the BC nurses that have seen it say its amazing. So i am using it on the reduction scar now too.

Rhian x

Thanks for the tip Rhiana - will get on to Google now. xx