Healthy recipes

Jultz from the bone Mets thread suggested a new thread for healthy recipes as we are all guilty of eating rubbish foods and wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice healthy recipe pop into our e mail boxes just as we were thinking pizza or McDonalds.
So off you go ladies …someone make a start. No good relying on me …don’t know if my kitchen is still there !!

Come on ladies …got my saucepans ready need a nice recipe to kick off this thread.
Someone must have a tried and tested healthy one.
Hugs xx

Cooking is not my thing apart from roasts and cottage pie but here’s my only “healthy one”.

  1. Boil up pasta and veg (I use frozen)
  2. Drain and add passata sauce and herbs, garlic or whatever u like.
  3. Serve with grated cheese or parmesan cheese.
    That’s the best I can offer.
    Hugs xx

Got a lovely spicy butternut squash soup recipe, will dig it out x

I could do with more recipes, not the best in the kitchen :slight_smile:  but I’ve made loads of curries lately. Here’s what I do…


Olive oil, 2 teaspoons turmeric, 1 dessert spoon curry powder, black pepper, 1 or 2 chopped onions, loads of garlic in a pan until onions soft. Then add 7 or 8 chopped tomatoes, cook for a few minutes. Then I add whatever I fancy, sometimes chicken but usually loads of veg like broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, spinach, kale, cabbage. Then I add a bag of coriander and cook for another few minutes. Usually eat with brown rice or a baked potato, yummy :smiley:

Jules …that sounds lovely …yum …might try it later on.
Interesting how turmeric is favoured as I’m thinking of taking it as vitamin tablets bones and joints .

Yes Carolyn, it is delicious and I feel like I’m giving my body all the good stuff it needs. But I do have a very sweet tooth and need something naughty after :slight_smile:  If you want to eat more turmeric, try putting it in your scrambled egg too, I only put in about half teaspoon, then have it with brown toast. Its quite good when you get used to the flavour. xx

Yes please Ellie.
I could post forever unhealthy things …I’m the master on junk food !
I picked up that healthy book too at hospital …it’s propping up a plant pot in porch at monent but will retrieve it !!
Lemon juice in water is my favourite …forgot about that …does it have to b fresh lemons or would a bottle of lemon juice do ?

Hello Jeanette
You have been kind of quiet lately …where r u going for hols ??
Think I must do the lemon and water thing as its so refreshing too.
As soon as grandson goes back the end of the month …will do this healthy stuff as I need to thing about my expanding waistline too.
Hugs xxx

Lots of great ideas ladies, thank you! Am not much of a cook, but even I can squeeze a lemon into a jug of water.


just to also say that a very good friend recently gave me a copy of The Royal Marsden Cookery book…i will svout in there for some ideas. It is written by the senior dietitian, seems very good. However, its on a shelf…so will get it down later



Miojan, I’ve got that book, it has some good recipes but also good advice on what to eat at different stages of cancer and treatments.
Hugs Janette xx

Yes, lovely book. Im not a very good cook tho…working on it.xx

Winds not a problem …just blame it on the dog or cat !!
Anything that’s healthy causes it !!

Men seem to enjoy being windy

Janette, have you cooked a lot of recipes from the Marsden book? I just dont seem to have the energy…falling back on salads and lovely crab pate!


Miojan, to be honest no I haven’t, some seem a little complicated and need lots of different ingredients. I’m not a great cook so they are a bit too adventurous for me! I just take ideas and improvise!
Janette xx