Heamatoma problems

Just posting this in case anyone has a similar experience, and can offer any advice. I had a bilateral mx 10 weeks ago (no recon.) I was lucky enough not to need further treatment, however I have had almost continuous problems with hematomas and swellings that seem to never quite go away. Right now my right side feels like it is made of iron and the stitches look more like quilting (they used to be flat).This is the site of an earlier hematoma that has reduced in size.
The left side which had lymph nodes taken, has a large hematoma from my side to underneath where my breast was, creating a crater like appearance. It is tender rather than sore and the stitches on this side are flat. The breast care nurses are not alarmed by all this, but are surprised to see it as I am a reasonably fit and healthy 55 year old. They are no longer saying the swelling will go down rather that it might reduce. Their only suggestion is to massage the area, but this doesn’t seem to make much difference and it is a bit too sore to do very much.
My physio suggested ultrasound as a method of breaking up the mass. Has anyone any similar experience of this or any other suggestions that I could try? Thanks.



I have just come onto the forum for the first time in a year as I had my 4 year check up yesterday.  When I had my surgery (just a WLE and SNB so minor compared with yours) I also had a huge haematoma (I was like a lopsided Jordan) and they diagnosed a blood disorder similar to Haemophilia.  What I wanted to say was that they didn’t just leave my haematoma or suggest massage (its hard to imagine anything more painful as it is essentially an enormous bruise).  My surgeon had me back in hospital under the care of a haematologist, he excised the haematoma and I had platelet and blood transfusions for 6 days afterwards, together with a drug called Novoseven.


It sounds to me as though you may have a blood disorder too and you should go back to your consultant or surgeon for further treatment or diagnosis.  If it is now too late to excise them as the masses have solidified, then rest assured that they will eventually disperse and disappear, maybe after months , but it will be painful and uncomfortable until they do - just what you didn’t need on top of the cancer.  


One thing to double check is that they are actually haematomas at this stage and not swelling from lymphoedema, in which case the right kind of massage would help with drainage.  You could search the forums for information on that if you think it could be a possibility.  Make sure you find a properly qualified lymphatic massage therapist if you need it as it is a very special, gentle kind of massage and a rough sports therapist would make the problem much much worse.


Good luck with your recovery.


E x

Hello both

I don’t know if its helpful to add my haematoma experience but as my surgery was in March, I have a slightly longer view post surgery. I had a WLE and SNB and although there was no bleeding when the surgery finished, apparently overnight a blood vessel started bleeding and a large haematoma developed. Although I was immediately prepped for surgery again the next day, the surgeon ultimately decided to leave the haematoma alone to disperse itself, rather than out me through surgery twice in 24 hours. Whether or not this was the best decisions, its hard to say, as I subsequently had quite heavy external bleeding from the haematoma and also had to have two needle aspirations carried out by the surgeon. All that was from March to April/May this year and caused radiotherapy to be delayed for a few weeks.
My current situation is that I still have a large hard lump, which although not noticeable externally, is still quite tender and can be painful and uncomfortable. My left side is also usually pinkish and hotter than the other side. I have not really followed this up since I last saw the surgeon as I was assured that it would all settle and be reabsorbed internally. However, I am not convinced that it will do so at this stage and am planning to discuss with my surgeon again when I see him in a couple of weeks for my six monthly check.
I will update again after this discussion but would be keen to hear how things develop with you Nocolgarredond. It certainly seems from both our experiences that surgeons believe the body will heal itself, so it is interesting to hear from you E about your experiences and the interventions taken.