Heard of another travel insurance company

I was at the Macmillan annual conference in London yesterday and got speaking to a Dr who is involved with a company offering insurance to any cancer patient who is either still in active treatment or up to their 5 years.

What he was saying was quite interesting in that they’re not interested in any prognosis we may have as they are only concerned in that period for which we’re on holiday and that your oncologist confirms you are fit to travel during that period.

He also asked if I’d been told by my hospital when the optimum time was for me to travel (am still on chemo) and he said it’s when you’ve just had your blood results. I have always travelled when it’s my week off (2 weeks on and 1 week off) so that was a bit of an eye opener plus he said has anyone ever told me that I can’t visit places where you need inoculations. If you’re on chemo you can’t have these injections (such as cholera etc) as they are live vaccines. Makes sense really but have never thought about it!

The company is called InsureCancer (part of Medi Trravelcover Ltd) and the contact number is 01252 780190 - www.InsureCancer.com. I’ve noticed that on both Breast Cancer Care’s and Cancerbackup’s factsheets on travel insurance they both have the wrong number for this company.

I have always found it extremely difficult to get travel insurance as I have secondaries but he said it wouldn’t be a problem - don’t know how much their premium will be though and would be interested to hear if anyone else has heard of them or had a quote and what they thought of them?