heart effects any advice

Hi i had my first herceptin a week ago and no side effects at all it was a doddle.
I am feeling so gt i joined weight watchers, well we can all dream… i did a little exercise a 15 min walk and three 10 min strolls throughout the day. so not strenuous but more than usual.
Anyway i woke in night in pain. my left side just under my boob. i automaticallly thought my heart. The pain was like pins and needles without the pins…I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar. it went after about an hour an half and woke this morning with nothing. i just remember thinking i don’t want to die…i had no sweats irregular breathing etc just this pain. i probably just overdone it.
take care and have a good day.

Hi Julie

If you are still worried about this it might be an idea to give your GP a ring and see what he or she says.

All the best


Did you hqave radiotherapy. Sometimes that can give shooting pains. I had 6 chemo and 30 radio and sometimes I feel as though someone is stabbing me and then it leaves.I mentioned it to Onc and was told that it is the damamged nerve endings. Hope all ok!!


Hi Julie

I’ve just had my third herceptin today. My heart reading prior to starting herceptin was only 51, so I’ve always been worried about pains etc.

Other than the apparently standard ‘runny nose’ I have had no other symptoms from the herceptin itself. As Muddy has said above, I also get shooting pains around mastectomy site but Onc has assured me this is due to damaged nerves. I’m walking quite a bit at the moment, as I’m in training to climb Ben Nevis (foolish foolish me!!) - and I have to say that the pains are more noticeable after exercise.

And incidentally, because of my heart reading they had me on scans after 2 treatments instead of 4 - had my first post-treatment scan last week - and my heart rate has moved from 51 to 52 - Onc has said that they will probably revert me back to ‘normal’ 4 treatment scanning now.

Margaret x