Heart flutters on Arimidex?

Just wondering if anyone else is getting a fluttering heart sensation on Arimidex. Not really palpitations, but a definite fluttering for over a week now, on and off. Might just be stress but don’t want to assume it’s that. It’s not listed as a side effect on the leaflet. I’ve been on Armiidex for over a year and haven’t really had any problems so far apart from increase in hot flushes.

I have been on Arimadex for 2 1/2 years now and have been getting sessions of brethlesness (which last for about 5 minutes). These have appeared when doing some energetic job (or trying - to run for a bus). I was told by my Oncologist it was possibly a side effect of FEC. It was suggested I lose some weight - I lost one stone, but the breathlessness hasn’t subsided in fact it has slightly increased! I am told my chest is quite clear. Anyone out there with the same symptoms, or has found a "cure’
Wow that would be great! It would be nice to know that I am not alone with this problem. - Thanks

I do sometimes find my heart beating too fast but am sure for me it is stress as my husband died recently. It only tends to happen at night when I cannot sleep and my mind is working overtime.

Yes, I’ve been on Arimidex for 2 years now and have been getting that same fluttering sensation over the last couple of months, especially at night and often immediately followed by what I can only describe as a rush of blood to the head, then the sensation that I’m going to faint. It’s also sometimes linked to a hot flush. Oh, the joy!

I’m seeing my onc in a couple of weeks and plan to mention it to him then, but it’s certainly reassuring to know I’m not the only one getting this.

I was on Arimidex for two years, felt a bit tired, and ended up with seven hour heart operation. Of course, was told this was nothing to do with Arimidex - but as no family history or heart problems (most live into 90s and 100s), and I do a lot of exercise - one wonders.
I have also met others who were on Arimidex and ended up with heart problems. I know that drug is supposed to prolong life, but might be an idea if you are on this to have regular heart check-ups. It can’t hurt.

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I have had this sensation with my heart with arimidex and have only just realised it could be due to this drug. I will get my heart checked next time I go to the hospital. Thanks for pointing this out everyone.

I too get this sensation and i am on Tamoxifen.Was happening whilst i was at the doctors the other day and they put me on a heart monitor and it was showing on that too.They said they were not concerned but to keep an eye on it.They said to get back to them if i started to feel breathless when i was sitting doing nothing.Gill x

I’m just about to start on Armidex, having been on tamoxifen til now. I relate to what you describe, the heart flutters and racing pulse that comes on with most hot flushes and when excerting myself (ooh er, walking the dog up a hill). I’ve come to the conclusion that I dont know what causes what, after all the chemo, rads, herceptin, ovary shutdown, hormone treatments, we go through.

I will continue to get regular heart echos because I’ve had herceptin, but it would be no bad thing for us all to have a regular check in case they are missing something.

Having spoken to a friend who went through a natural early menopause, she described the same sensations, so hopefully its nothing to worry about. Just the crap we have to go through??? But keep us posted, of course, in case the drugs are to blame.

The drug has many side effects. When you have an opportunity to read them all, you will be shocked at what such a small pill is capable of. The drug information sheet is always attached to all prescriptions when picked up from your pharmacist. If you are taking more then one medication, your pharmacist can tell you what damage can happen when taking them. Good Reading Everyone

I believe the longest time frame for having to take anastrozole is about 5yrs. For some of us, the onset of these symptoms may start at different times while taking anastrozole. We have to be mindful, and take precation, when doing our activities. Make sure we’re breathing/moving correctly during our activities.

I’ve been on arimidex for 3 months now. At first, I was having the usual joint pain and fatigue. Then a week ago, I started having skipped beats to the point I got really worried. The next day I didn’t take it, my heart was doing better. I restarted it 2 days later and sure enough the palpitations came back. I called my doctor and he said it doesn’t cause heart irregularities, but he is wrong! He said to stay on it, but i’ m afraid to take it now.