Heart rate problems on Tax??

Anyone having problems with rapid heart rate on docetaxel? After having 4 FEC and 3 TAX (last one was 10 days ago) I’m off to see my GP today after noticing that my heart rate is now around 100 bpm all the time instead of its usual 70-80ish. And shoots up if I do any sort of physical activity at all. Odd.
Ann x

Mine went like that after EC 3 (actually, it was up to 140!) and was one of the reasons that I was swapped to Tax and Her a cycle early. I’ve not had a recurrence (yet).
Good luck and take care.

I can’t answere that one. Due to anx I use beta blockers or my sits at about 140 and I fall over a lot.
Might actually be stress retated while your having treatment?


My heart was fast on tax and I had big palpitations especially at night. My onc was sure it was se, but I o know others who ad ECG s because if it. I was also out of breath with it. Finished tax in Oct and everything went back o normal. It is always worth mentioning these things to your team. I would be inclined to phone the Chemo unit rather than gp as they will get you straight through o the onc if need be. Good luck.Dx

I did phone the chemo unit - they said they had no clue and I should go see my GP :frowning:

I had same experience as Midge. I mentioned it to the onc several times but they didn’t seem worried so I had no tests. I’ve just has an ECG in prep for my surgery (so ECG 17 days after third and last TAX) and it was fine. So I guess it’s just a SE. I felt my heart throbbing all over my body, especially when I was in bed. It wasn’t a nice sensation.

GP reckons I’m definitely still alive, which is good. Might be anaemia so more blood tests for me, it seems.

I had my last tax just over a week ago and I’ve had lots of episodes of feeling my heart ‘bumping’ in my chest.
I’ve also been a bit short of breath on exertion and I’m assuming it’s all down to the chemo.

Amber, I came back exactly to tell you that part of this symptom might be anaemia. I have gone a bit anaemic but not massively, and the hearth does respond to lack of oxygen in blood by pumping more frequently. Hope, I also have been feeling out of breath. So I guess it’s all normal … it hard to separate out all the different feelings and try to see if anything needs to be flagged up, isn’t it ?

Hi Ann

I had the exact same thing when I was on Docetaxel, when I finished it all settled down. Took a few weeks though. Hope it’s the same for you. Discuss it with the doctor at your next Chemo session.
Diana x