Heart Scans after Herceptin

Heart Scans after Herceptin

Heart Scans after Herceptin Hi Guys, hope all of you are doing ok.

I need to ask this question as its been bugging me a week or so now.

When I commenced my Herceptin infusions for 12 months after Chemo for HER+ Breast Cancer, I was told by my oncologist that I’d have a MUGA Heart scan every 3 months whilst on it and for 12 months after treatment finished to made sure all was well with the heart, as this can be a side effect of Herceptin.

Thankfully all my scans have been perfectly fine and on receipt of my last letter from Hospital in April, the letter stated that I would need no further scans, even though I’d only had 1 since the treatment finished.

I’m really happy not to have to be going for scans every 3 months but, at the same time, a little worried as to why now they’ve decided I don’t need them for the year that was stated.

I know I should be over the moon that its one less appointment I have to attend, but somewhere at the back of me I’m feeling a little wary and anxious now things are not being kept check on.

How stupid is this. Does anyone out there have any comments, has anyone else been on Herceptin, what scans etc have you had.

Your help is appreciated here.

Clemy XX

Hi Clemy,
Sorry I don’t have the answer to your question, but just wanted to say it’s the first I’ve ever heard of having to have scans after treatment.
I’ve had 2 so far only half way though my 12 months. Onc and health care at home nurses who come to administer my herceptin have never mentioned it.
Will enquire at next zapping!
Best Wishes
Linda xx

May be … Hi Clemy,
It may be that your heart scan shows a really good reading like up in the 60 or 70s mark and has never fluctuated during the time you were on herceptin, why not ask for your results.
Mine dipped so much that I was taken off the drug never to be returned to it !!
Best thing is to get all results and then probe a bit more if you feel
you should.

I’m on Herceptin and get my 3rd cycle with my last Taxotere tomorrow.

I was given a MUGA scan prior to starting the treatment and was told I would be given one every 12 weeks during the treatment. No mention was made of any after treatment.

A relative of mine is very senior in oncology and he told me most doctors would not expect anyone of my age (46) to develop a heart problem on this drug.

doctors don’t expect bad things to happen when they are tryi Cherub,
The listed side effects of this drug are possible damage to the left ventrical. ( there is always the risk) I would say that I was a very active
person prior to dx I developed heart problems at 50 on herceptin for just 4 cycles.They did not expect this to happen to me. I’m slowly recovering and going to yoga classes every day.


i’m due to re start on my herceptin tomorrow as i was taken off it after about 6months of it, i’ve had a break of a month.
my echo showed my heart has risen to 49 it had dropped to 41
i started on 50.
i have however now been told i have a leaking heart valve though and my oncologist is referring me to see cardo guy.
i’m 37 so not what i was expecting.

i was told i’d be checked every 3 months while on herceptin but nothing was said about checks afterwards.

kim x

Thanks Thanks again all you guys - I feel a lot better now - especially when you all mention rates. My rate, I remember my oncologist after one MUGA scan, was high 60’s so I take it at 41 years old and very fit before my bc nightmare, that things are ok.

Have my check up tomorrow with surgeon - a little nervous will be glad when its over.

Thanks again and take care of yourselves, we deserve it.

Clemy X