Heating bill help

I hope this doesn’t sound like I have my begging bowl out! Does anyone know of any charities that could help towards my nearly £1000 heating bill?

Since being off since Jan and stuck at home, I have had the heating on virtually all the time, plus the awful weather hasn’t helped, hence the mahhosive bill.

I would be most grateful if anyone knows of anywhere I can get some financial assistance. I have agreed to pay back £150 a month, but any help would be most appreciated as I go down to half pay in August.

Sadly I can’t apply for a grant from Macmillan as I have a relatives savings in my name as she was being err…fleeced shall we say by someone of her cash, plus if I didn’t have it, she would keep it in flower pots or even the bread bin! Her fave place was the tumble dryer!

Thanks for your time and advice.

Daisy xx

Hi Daisy

Macmillan were holding and I think still holding a fuel poverty campaign for cancer patients. I was originaly diagnosed in May 2007 and due to being off with chemo and surgery i ran up some hefty bills too. After a year back at work on and off and nearly getting straight i was re-diagnosed with metz to the bone April this year. Panicking about the fuel bills i rang the macmillan hep line. Due to there campaign they have contacted my fuel provider on my behalf and arranged a small monthly payment for the next 12 months. The arrears have been written off and if by any chance at the end of the 12 months i have used more fuel than the monthly payment covers that will also be written off too. Macmillan have told me to ring them back in 12 months so they can agree on a monthly payment again for a further 12 months.

This is not a macmillan grant, so I would contact them as soon as you can. there benefits help line is free phone 0808 801 0304

Good luck with it all
Karen x