Hello, a new member to the group.

Hi, I just thought I’d introduce myself - have found reading the posts very helpful. For some reason I was looking in a mirror and saw a dent in my right breast, then felt a lump. Went into complete denial for 2 weeks then went to the GP who thought it was a cyst but wanted to be on the safe side. Was rushed through a breast clinic appointment and had a nightmare day having 3 biopsies, mammogram etc and the dawning realisation that it wasn’t a cyst. Got my diagnosis last Thursday. They couldn’t specify a name for the cancer but it is grade 2 and currently smallish. My worry is that I have to wait til August to have the operation…is it normal to wait so long? Everything up til now has happened so quickly it feels hard to wait.

Hi Maggie

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Forums. I am sure you will receive lots of helpful advice and support from our users.

You may be interested to read Breast Cancer Care’s publication Resources Pack which can be ordered on line, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available.

Here is the link:


I do hope you find this useful.

Kind regards


Hi Maggie,
Yes waiting is the worst time, once you start treatment at least you can think that you are doing something. In the area that I have my treatment it is a two week wait from gp to tests and from tests to surgery. I know that this differs enormously depending on where you are and the type of cancer that you have. Many more ladies will write to tell you of their experiences.
I am sorry that you have to join us but know that you will receive an incredible amount of support here.

hi Maggie, I have gone 12 weeks since first going to my GP, had had pain for 6-9 months before that and a lump that seemed to come and go - the waiting is HORRENDOUS. I had an MRI last week and am getting the results Tue. My surgery is scheduled for 14th July but I have been advised it may ned to be put back due to delay in getting MRI results back. I haven’tt been coping well and just wanted to say, please post on here if you’re having a bad day, there is lots of support, I wish I could meet all these lovely funnny women in real life!
Big hugs
Fiona x

Hi Maggie

So sorry you have to join us here but we all have similar experiences so can help each other normalise this very worrying time. I had my first routine mammogram in May, got a recall letter two weeks later for the following week. Then had another mammogram, ultrasound and several core biopsies and although the staff were positive at the beginning of the appointment - by the end I detected a definite shift in attitude. I waited a week for results and was dx on June 18th. Like you, I was told 4 week wait but they then found a slot in 2 weeks time. I had my surgery last week - WLE and SNB, coming home on Friday. I was just as worried as you about rapid growth in the intervening time but I have spoken to quite a few people and I now think that the cancer was probably there for a lot longer than I had thought and a few weeks is not going to make a whole lot of difference.

I am pleased, as I am sure you will be, to get through this first hurdle. I do think the waiting is the worst time - especially when you are expected to carry on as normal at work etc, although a little wait will help you to get used to the situation. It is good news that your lump is small - mine was too (although still waiting for final results). Do you know what operation you will be having? I can only advise you, as others have advised me, to take one step at a time and concentrate on keeping fit and well. Remember this is most likely just an unpleasant blip and by next year it may all be behind you.

Take care and sending you lots of positivity!


Hi Maggie
just to put your mind at rest a bit . I had a grade 2 cancer diagnosed last Aug17th , had operation 3 weeks later . My surgeon said that it wouldnt make any difference to the growth in the tumour. He coudn’t say how long I had had the tumour but it could have been several years they just coouldnt say !. I think mentally you want to get it over with and out as soon as possible so completely understand you there. Its a horrible period waiting but August isnt too far away so try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know)

Best wishes
love Cally x

I had my op about a month after diagnosis. Surgeon also said it wouldn’t make much difference. I actually chose a later date so I could tie up some loosed ends work wise (self employed). It all worked out well in the end I think.

Good luck with the waiting though. Enjoy the summer in the meantime (assuming you’re in the UK)


Like Angie I also asked if I could put off the operation so that I could sort out work issues (arrangements for somebody to take over in my absence, canceling appointments etc), and they said it wouldn’t make much difference. In the end it was a month after first diagnosis.

It meant that I wasn’t rushed into it and felt fully prepared by the time of the op, which helped me come to terms with everything.


Thanks everyone for your comments and support. I feel much better about the wait having heard about your experiences, and it’s true there are some advantages in coming to terms with it and sorting work out etc. My surgeon has recommended a lumpectomy with SNB. I discussed mastectomies with him, but he clearly favours the lumpectomy for me. However, a friend is about a month ahead of me and she has chosen to have a mastectomy. Both our mothers died, mine very young, of breast cancer, so I do feel in a bit of a dilemma about it. The surgeon has referred me to the gene clinic which I suppose might guide me. I’ve read some of the posts about lumpectomy v mastectomy, and then the choices we sometimes have to face about further treatment, and like some of the others because I feel so out of control in some ways, I wish they would just tell me what to do!

I am so grateful to be able to talk to others who are going through similar…thank you all so much for your replies.

Maggie x

Hi, sorry you have to join us.

I have a friend who was diagnosed in 1998 (in her mid 50’s) and had lumpectomy and SNB followed by radiotherapy. Her mother died when she was 18 of BC so my friend then went for genetic testing. This took ages but showed that she had the gene for hereditary BC and decided on a bilateral mastecomy which she had in 2006. She is fine now and had time to decide and come to terms with the major op before it was done.

Hope this helps


Hi Angela,

that is very very helpful to hear as I went to the gene clinic today and decided having discussed it with the counsellor to take the test. That then made me think maybe I should have the mastectomy as she said that an reconstructive surgery would not be possible if I had the radiotherapy following WLE. But then I could have the mastectomy and find out I don’t carry the gene. But it sounds like your friend was able to have the WLE and then have the bilateral mastectomy much later. I don’t even know if reconstruction would be important for me at the moment. So much to think about in so little time!

Hope you are doing well yourself.

Best wishes, Maggie.