Hello again and am I being paranoid??

Hi All

Have not been on for a while as have been doing a lot better. Typically just as I thought “OK i am over it” I get a new symptom!!!

Last year I had rib pain and was given a chest xray which was all clear and onc said it was probably from radiotherapy.

In june this year I had a bone scan due to hip pain which was again all clear.

I now have rib pain again and my mnd is going into overdrive but I keep thinking I had a bone scan 2 months ago which was clear - so why can’t I stop worrying???!

Anyone else had intermittent rib pain that showed nothing up on a scan?

Love to all

Alise x

I get intermittent rib pain every few weeks, usually a quick stab or sometimes the feeling of an itch. I reported this when I was at my last oncology appointment and they have told me it’s a combination of rads and the nerve damage from having ANC. Apparently the cut nerves try to find their other half again, but they can’t so they are hitting the wrong ones. I was told last October they wouldn’t do a scan or x-ray as they didn’t expect to find anything. The oncologist told me it would only be of concern if it was there all the time like a dull bone pain and it was stopping me sleeping. The oncology clinic have discharged me.

I too have intermittent sharp rib pain which lasts for a short time then goes away.I too was told by onc it was nerves trying to rejoin.Vx

Thank you Horace and Cherub.

I am probably being very thick here but I had a lumpectomy and as far as I know my ribs were not cut so how could the neves be knitting back together?

Thanks again

Alise x

Hi Alise

When you have a lumpectomy, there are all sorts of tissue, including muscle, skin, connective tissue etc which are all cut. You are right that the actual rib bone is not cut, but it is far more likely that the pain is coming from soft tissue (muscle, skin etc) than from the hard tissue such as bone. If you also had radiotherapy, that too causes inflammation of all the tissue involved, including the bone, so pain can sometimes arise from this too. I have no idea as to the pain experienced from secondary bone cancer, but my guess is that if you have intermittent pain, it could well be from the soft tissue. I hope all this makes sense?



You can have nerve damage from chemo or from radio, I had alot of pain on my bad side from time to time with a lumpectomy …even two years after, the difference between this and bone pain from mets is that mets bone pain will defnitely get worse and will be there at night as well. I think you are only 2 months on from bone scan - you shouldn’t worry unless its getting worse and maybe you find yourself starting to take painkillers to cope with it,


I had a lumpectomy too!As long as it goes away and isnt worse at night you should be ok.The way it was explained to me was that in order to take some nodes as well as the tumour the surgeon may have to not only go deep but also 'look around 'inside and so will inevitably sever many nerves.When these try to knit there is a sharp shooting pain.If you turn sharply or twist awkwardly the nerves jolt apart again and the pain is stabbing then fades.It can come back any time as rads also causes damage.The pain may be ‘deferred’ ie not in the same place as the scar or the tumour but elsewhere along the route of the nerve.I hope this makes some sense,its a bit incoherent but I’m not very technical.Vx