hello anyone in Sunderland area

Hi Everyone i was diagnosed with BC on 29th April i have had lumpectomy and my senitel node removed and i start “cooking” on July 8th at first i was fine and in my head i thought it was happening to someone else but now i realise its happening to me.
I have a really supportive husband and daughter but only another woman who has BC can really understand.
If any one would like a chat i would love to compare notes

Hi bubblesdevere

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis. If you would like to talk to people in a similar situation to yourself you may want to join the BCC live chat held on Thursday evenings from 9pm to 10pm.

For more information and details of how to join just follow the link below:-


I hope this is helpful

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi bubblesdevere,
I’m in the Durham area, so not too far from you. Haven’t been on the website for a while due to chemo, so missed your posting.

I was diagnosed on 11th March, had lumpectomy and sentinel nodes removed like yourself. I’ve had 3xFEC and last week had my 2nd Taxotere (only 1 left to go -hurray!). I’m not sure I’ve really come to terms with the fact I’ve got cancer, even though I’ve been through the treatments. I don’t even ike saying the “C” word.

I also have quite a supportive husband and 2 children (4 and 17 months so a bit small to be supportive), although they are my reason for getting through the treatments. If it wasn’t for them I would probably still be in the house in a corner wishing the world would go away! You are right that only someone going through this understands what it’s like and even then some days it feels like a fantasy.
Hope you’re not “cooked” too much and your 1st one wasn’t too bad. Ready for a chat if you fancy one,
love kat xxx

Hi Kat
i have sent you a private message if you check your inbox
Love Marie