hello, can anyone give any info ?

Hello everyone,

Not sure if this is where i should ask this question but with scanning the site i think im might be in the right place.

Iv been having bloody discharge from my right nipple and hospital sent me for a mammogram and scan and came back clear. Had a follow up appointment to talk about results last week with surgeon and they did a swab on the discharge and said it came out blood ++. I was on my own and at the time didnt ask any questions and started only half listening when she started talking about cancer and surgery… silly i know but went onto auto mode and starting thinking about kids, hubby ect.

She said she will contact me this week with letter to go in straight away to remove the milk ducts as she is very worried ( said wouldnt be on any waiting list and will be straight in ). She said they will cut straight across the nipple area and try and take out the part they need but if they can find it cos area is very small they will go on and cut me right round and remove all the milk ducts. Im very confused as im not sure if she really does think i have anything or this is just the usual procedure. Can anyone tell me anything to shred some light on the situation.

Thank you to anyone that can help and wish you all well on your speedy recoveries.
claire xx

I think your case is a little bit different Claire in-so-much-as DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) is usually (or should I say it was with me) little white calcification dots which show up only by way of a mamogram.

With me, I had DCIS in my milk ducts but I have had to have a mastectomy of my left breast.

I didn’t get any bleeding from my nipple, in fact, I had no sign at all that anything was wrong inside my breast.

Having said that Claire, I’ve been given the all clear now. I didn’t need radio or chemo and whilst there were some low grade calcifications in the breast tissue, they were of a low grade, but nothing was in my lymph nodes.

I think you need to ask your consultant for somemore information plus, I rang the breast care help line…free phone…0808 800 6000 and they toldme everything I needed to know.

Give them a ring Claire, it won’t cost you and should put your mind at ease.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care
Linda xx

Thank you Linda for your speedy reply.

I have got the phone number of our bc nurses at my hospital ( given at appointment ). I keep going to phone them but some how dont… maybe a bit scared they will say something i dont want to hear!!
Wont see my consultant till i go in for the op so cant ask any questions till that day. She just said she was very worried and she would rather remove the milk ducts as if she left me 6-12 months it could spread.

I will have a brew and try and make myself phone them up.

thank you once again and i hope you are well and keep well

claire xx

Aren’t you going to be more scared if you are in the dark about why you need treatment? Personally I like to know exactly what I have to sign up to, and I am also keen on second or perhaps third opinions

there are national guidelines on treatment issued by NICE the national institute for health and clinical excellence called improving outcomes for breast cancer or something similar which explain in detail what you can expect and what options should be offered. I also ask people to explain everything in plain language and for copies of all reports e.g. pathology reports giving details of what the cells look like and any other details.

Knowledge is power