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Hi Everyone

I’m 52, and have just been diagnosed with Grade 3 DCIS. It’s been a busy week this one with a CT Scan and 2 clips inserted into my lump. I’ve to have a bone scan next week, so it’s been a bit scary all in all. My mum was 39 when she had a mastectomy, and I’d got mammos every year from my thirties. However, when you are 50, you follow the National Screening programme so I’d not had a mammogram since 2013. I couldn’t believe the lump I found just randomly a few weeks ago and how big it was. I still feel really stupid that I’d not noticed it! I’d like to get to know some people on the forum as I like to talk about how I feel, and listen to others who have been through it all. People all tell me that I’m so positive, but at times I just want to curl up and shout, but I’m sure everyone else feels that way too. I’m finding exercise really helpful right now and really want to keep that going as much as possible - even during my chemotherapy, but realise I might be kidding myself on. Any tips or advice on living well - food, etc, would be really welcome. Hope to hear from others soon. Thanks!

Hello Meg

Youve found the best support there is in the world of bc. I’m nearly a year on from finishing treatment and don’t post too often now but found it a safe place to talk to people who understand. I’ve found the forum at its quietest at the weekends but hopefully messages of support will start rolling in. That brave face isn’t always easy to maintain and there’s nothing wrong or unusual about an occasional meltdown, shout or just pulling the duvet over your head.

Big hug Wendy xx

Hi Meg, welcome to the forum. Sorry you have had to join the club but as you go through your treatment you will be very glad of the support and comfort that you can get from friends on these pages. Firstly, it sounds as though you are coping magnificently. I was diagnosed in May following a routine mammogram and I was a complete mess for quite sometime. I expect that underneath you are feeling pretty scared right now, I know I felt a huge sense of loneliness ( despite great hubby, daughters and friends) and grief for the loss of my health. I found this forum a great help and dip in and out still despite having completed my treatment som months ago. The waiting is the worst bit of it all and I found Hatha yoga and meditation classes really helped me to control the worrying. I think any exercise is useful because at the very least it helps you to sleep. Some ladies started to follow food regimes - your BC nurse should be able to advise - I ate and drank what I liked and still lost weight due to anxiety. Keeping busy, busy, busy certainly helped me and keeping company with positive people is another must. So sorry that this has happened to you but thanks to the wonderful NHS I’m sure that you will come through it all and carry on with your life. Hope all goes well. When is your surgery?

Thanks Wendy and Jennifed for replying.


Yes, it has been a major shock to me - nearly 2 weeks on and things aren’t easy but I have got amazing friends who have told me they are not letting me go through this on my own. My husband is great - but at times, he just doesn’t really know the best way to deal with what I’m feeling.


My treatment plan is to have chemotherapy first to reduce the tumour and then to have the surgery later on - when that is totally finished, so it will be some time before that happens. Just before I found my lump, I went to an appointment with my sister-in-law - who has just started her treatment for breast cancer!


I’ve found the hardest people to deal with are those who don’t know what to say, so they just ignore it as if that would make it go away. Any experiences of this!


And well done you 2 for keeping going with the forum even though you’ve finished your treatment - its lovely to meet people who just want to give something back.


Meg x

Hi Meg 


I was diagnosed in August , I was 46 , 47 now . I had a 45mm ductal and lobular cancer with lymph node involvement. The doctor said it was treatable and my oncologist used the word curative and that was enough for me.I became of the mind set …you are not going to beat me !!!


I am 5 chemotherapies out of 8 down , 4xfec and 4x docetaxel.I had my first docetaxel yesterday. My tumor is currently 21 mm and losing its density so all positive.


The chemotherapy is doable , I have put 1 stone and 3 pounds in 13 weeks but eating has helped me tremendously. I have not stuck to a strict regime, I eat what I want , when I want . If it’s healthy food I fancy I eat it but if it’s chips or pizza or Chinese I eat that too. 


The he important thing is to keep strength up , I said from the beginning I did not want to lose weight and I definitely have not lol.


I bought wigs before hair loss and love them , the hair loss did not affect me and really did not want to go down the cold cap route, everyone feels differently tho.


i bought a baby toothbrush for my teeth and gums and touch wood haven’t had any trouble with mouth ulcers at all. In fact so far it has just been nausea with the Fec and pleased to say me nausea with the T . I am expecting side effects with the T to kick in within a couple of days but hopefully aches won’t be too bad.


Just rest as much as you can , I find for the first week resting on the sofa helps recharge batteries . I would expect you will have the injections for 7 days to boost WBC , I inject myself with these and they are again doable. They must work because my son and husband had a really bad cold the other week during my week 2 and I never caught it so all good . If you have any questions at all please ask I will be only too happy to share my experience if it helps xxxxx



Hi Debs

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I like your logic about eating what you want when you want & keeping your strength up must be important as you say so I’ll take that advice happily.

I made a mistake with what I said. I have a Ductal invasive cancer. It’s good to hear that your chemo is working and that you’ve been keeping fairly well on it. It’s all just still so new to me & although the nhs have been fab I suppose I just want to get on with treatment now to be totally well again.

I’m filling my days with nice things at the moment because I know everyone is different & his chemotherapy affects me may not be the same as everyone but I’m hoping to be as well as possible on it.

Hope to hear from you again soon. Xxxx

Hi I’m 37 and was diagnosed in August after going to my gp with a lump. I really didn’t expect it to be anything as had only finished breastfeeding my little boy about two months earlier! I have invasive ductal too that’s oestrogen and herceptin positive. I’m having chemo first to shrink them mastectomy January. I have had 4 chemo so far and it’s been very doable. And that’s running around after a 1 and 5 year old! I have the odd day that I’m wiped out but nothing major. I have carried on with a pretty normal life. I’m not working through my treatment as I just felt at first I wanted to concentrate on getting better. I’m really enjoying being off which I never thought I would as do love my job. I have been cold capping so far and have managed to keep a lot of hair. I would definitely say give the cap a go x

Hi Lisa Jane

Thanks for replying & for making your experience so far sound so positive! Like you I’m taking time off from my job as I feel I want to concentrate on me right now. I don’t think mentally I’d be able to cope anyway. So it’s good to hear that the Cold cap is doing what it’s meant to do. Well done you for going through your treatment with your young family & I hope I can be as positive as I go through mine. Take care. Xx

Hi mbennie


Sorry that you have had to join this club but hope that you find out a lot of information and get the support you need from here.

I’m 41 and was Grade 3 Invasive ductal carcinoma in September, I had a single mastectomy 5 weeks ago and am now waiting to see the oncologist on 4th December when I should find out what chemotherapy I will have and when.  Even though I want to get this started as soon as possible to get it over and done with so we can get on wiht our lives, part of me is hoping that it won’t start until after Christmas.  I have surprised myself and others at how strong I’ve been after surgery I really did think it would effect me as I have (had) large breasts,  what I am absolutely frightened to death about is the risk of getting it in my other breast and that much so I’m going to ask about having the other removed to reduce the risk and so that I’m even, as I feel rather silly at the moment!  I was put on tamoxifen straight away and was recently advised that I’m herceptin positivie so I’m not sure what chemo I will have.  My nodes were clear which is great news but in the last letter sent to my doctor there was a note about the possibility of lymphovascular space invasion,  I didn’t know what this was and nothing has been mentioned about this before so I googled it and again this scares me!  I have so much support from family and friends but only those going through and who have been through this really understand how you might be feeling.  I have my off days which I know is totally understandable. 

Best of luck with your journey and I hope you find all the info you need on here

Take care xx


Hi all
I had a diagnosis of lobular cancer 3 weeks ago after waiting 4 weeks for biopsy results. I have an appointment with a consultant next Monday to discuss my results and tell me the plan for my treatment. I’m feeling very lost at the moment. Rather scared and trying to hide it. Glad I found this forum just need somewhere to let go. Have wonderful husband who is supportive and knows just what I need and when I need it but it feels very unfair to share my deep fears with him. I have been suffering with back pain since August, Drs can’t seem to find a reason. I just hope it os not related to the breast cancer . I will try to post more positively next time and just hoe Monday’s results are not as bad as I fear. Thanks