Hello I am new here

Hi anyone from surrey? I am amandahh. Had a scare last week but all is well thank goodness. But it was a breastcyst. I pray that it will go away and that I never have to under go this again. Not easy as I suffer badly with anxiety and panic attacks.Regards amandahh

I used to be in Surrey - if you get in touch with the Jarvis centre in Guildford they will be able to put you in touch with a great group called Bosom BUddies - they are a social group and also fundraise - lots of really nice understanding ladies.

If you have any concerns at all you can also go to the Fountain Centre and talk to one of the counsellors there about your feelings even if it was only a scare. I had some really superb help there for nerves re cancer and really urge you to go along and just chat with them. It’s a nice place, has a good library as well and they do complementary therapies too. It’s situated upstairs in the St Lukes Centre at the back of the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Best talked about, even ‘just’ a scare… good luck