Hello - I'm New - Had 1st FEC 2 weeks ago

hello everyone

my name is eva-nicole. Im 42 and have had 2 WLE surgeries in Sept/Oct 09.

Just coming to the end of my 1st cycle of FEC. Due my 2nd FEC next week. Had nausea - hence lots of anti sickness meds. Mouth ulcars, thrush and gum infection. Will do 15 radio at the end of the FEC.

Managed to do the cold cap first visit. But have my new ‘hair’ (wig) in case.

Looking forward to getting to know more about bc. This wehsite is great- learnt so much already.


Welcome to the club! I’m Emily and I’m 29. I’m a week behind you, had my first FEC last week following 2 WLE and a mastectomy. Not too many side effects thankfully, just got a cold now, but blood levels all been checked and are fine. Got thrush like you too though. I’ll be having 15 rads too after it. I didn’t have the cold cap as they don’t offer it where I am but my hair is pretty fine anyway and currently pink!

Hope your 2nd FEC goes ok.
Em x

Hi all

I’m 42 and had WLE and lymph node removal in Oct. I had my 2nd FEC just over a week ago. Very few side effects but a sore throat and constipation. Will be having Tax in Jan and then rads. This is the club we dont want to join but are glad we have!!

Julia xx

thanks for the replies, ladies. Lovely to meet you both.

Head feeling tender tonight, so i think my hair may be in its way out…

will put up a photo when i can work out how to ! (ha)

Hi Eva

Welcome to the club even though none of us would really like to be here! You’re right it is a great place to meet people and find things out.

I’ve just had my second cycle of EC (not having the ‘F’ as I’m 26 weeks pregnant). First cyslce was fine with hardly any side effects but I feel much more sick and tired this time…might be that I had a tummy bug just before the cycle though so was feeling rough anyway! I had a lumpectomy on a stage 3 tumor and lymph node removal in October.

My hair started to fall out on day 20 of cycle 1 but I think it gets everyone differently. I was so sick of it falling out by yesterday that I shaved it all off…just in time for the -5 temperatures LOL

Good luck in your treatment


PS Eva is at the top of mine and my husbands name list for baby! - great name :slight_smile:


I’m the same with the hair. Mine felt like it had been in a ponytail for too long and started falling out in clumps on day 14. I thought “stuff that” so had it shaved off. Head gets cold at night tho!

Julia xx

my hubby just cut my hair down to a number 2 for me this morning. Lovely to talk to others in the same/similar situation.

Hi Eva,

I’m Paula, 29 and diagnosed on 8th dec with invasive ductal carcinoma (3 lumps in left breast). I am awaiting results of MRI (to check spread to other breast) and will find out where I stand on Tuesday. I will need a mastectomy in the next couple of weeks but will find out on Tuesday if I need a bilateral (?) mastectomy.

I have already picked out my wig (just trying to get organised - lol) and have been told to expect chemo to start in Jan after the op. I think I will actually just have my hair shaved off before it has the chance to fall out. Does anyone know if you can donate hair for people to have real hair wigs made? I have quite long hair so it seems a waste!

I still have so much to learn about BC and this place is fab to really get an understanding of everything. Good luck with the treatment. xxxxxxxxxx

hello jbug. So sorry that you have to go through the nightmare of bc too!! wil be thinking of you for Tues.

Hiya. I’m new to the site and have found it very helpful. I was diagnosed in November 09 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage II. (I previously had DCIS in 2005 and had WLE and 4 weeks rads). I had mastectomy the week before Christmas, then found out on Christmas Eve (after having done a sentinel node biopsy) that there was cancer in it, so would have to go back after Christmas for the lymph nodes out to check for any spreading. Had the op and thankfully they were clear. I went to hospital today for my pre assessment to do bloods etc and start chemo FEC-T on Wednesday. I’m really anxious after reading lots of side effects. The hospital have been brilliant and offer complimentary therapies while having the treatment. I’ve booked a foot massage :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone xxx